Anthony Weiner Admits to Lewd Photos, Labels Actions a "Personal Failing"

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In the face of mounting evidence - including an investigation of his Twitter platform and the discovery of another inappropriate photo - New York Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference today and admitted:

I lied. I did send lewd photos to multiple women online.

Anthony Weiner Press Conference

The scandal first erupted at the end of May, as a picture of Weiner's covered crotch was found online, purported to be Tweeted to a 21-year old follower. Weiner immediately hired a lawyer, but also gave interviews in which he blamed the incident on a "prank."

But that defense became more untenable in the following days, resulting in today's admission.

During the press conference, Weiner said:

  • He never met any of the women in question. He's exchanged sexually explicit photos with "at least six women."
  • He dodged a question about whether or not he had "phone sex" with them and simply said they were adults and all actions were "consensual."
  • He told his wife the truth this morning and she was "very disappointed." She also said she loved him and wanted the couple to "pull through."
  • He never asked anyone to lie or orchestrated any kind of cover-up. His staff was unaware of his actions.
  • He labeled his actions "a personal failure" and said "I did a regrettable thing and for that I apologize."
  • He will not resign.

You can watch the press conference below:

    We'll have more on this story as news breaks. For now, you tell us: Should Weiner resign?


    Who among us hasn't ever made a mistake? The same people criticizing this guy are probably cheating hypocrites. Newt was cheating when he tried to Hang Bill Clinton for it!!!! Leave this guy alone!!!


    welcome to the dirty world of politics mr. weiner, republicans must be very happy with you for helping them win over democrats this coming election...


    Or should I say, PUBIC failing?


    PERSONAL failing? Not on our dime. It was an "on the clock," paid by the taxpayers, very PUBLIC failing.


    one more thing he need to admitt is he is not prefect. and just because you think you are so powerful and have plenty of money you are not god, and what happen in the dark or oline with come to the LIGHT SOON OR LATER.just ask ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER,TIGER,the IMF CHEIF,JESSE JAMES,and he said he is a BAD A'' and the BIGGEST LOSER OF THEM ALL WAS THE BIG BAD OSAMA BIN LADEN now if he got caught everyone out there need to come out with the true.because soon or sooner its coming out okay.


    Normally I say that a person has the right to take whatever pictures of their own bodies that they please, regardless of their careers. After all, everybody has the right to express and explore their sexuality. But when you're married, it's wrong to send pictures of your privates to other people and willingly receive pictures of other peoples' privates. That's just my opinion.


    At last!! He has become more "frank and up front" about his behavior, and so it begins with the "straight talk" and forgiveness go round with his wife and family. I can easily believe that they will settle this "public embarrassment" amongst themselves. PEACE!!


    All men a scum-like piggles-wiggles. Being a politician does NOT change this. They are also very dumb, which is why women are taking over this world, slowly but surely. Now that it's recognized they are more clear headed and smarter...they are uprising and soon enough, us men will only be good for reproduction. Ah, yup.


    As the rabbi said at the briss, "It won't be long now!"


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