Another Anthony Weiner Photo Scandal?!?

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It's not a good day to be Anthony Weiner.

First, a website conducted a bit of investigative journalism and reported that the crotch shot allegedly Tweeted from the Congressman's account to a young female follower did, indeed, come from the same social networking application used by Weiner.

Now, a NEW photo of the politician has supposedly surfaced.

Anthony Weiner Torso Pic?

This picture above was obtained by BigGovernment dot com, which claims Weiner sent it on May 20, from his Yahoo email, to a woman. The source also says many other images of the Congressman are stored in that account.

Could this all be a conspiracy against Weiner? Yes.

But of all the lewd photo scandals that have plagued actresses, athletes and politicians, we can't help but wonder: have any ever actually turned out to be the result of hacking?


In a society, claiming freedom of every act, where prostitution and gay activities are legal, is this not a contradiction of acts and thoughts? Why to impose limits on celebrities? They should not be interfered in their private lives.


Are those chest implants???


Right To "Bare" Arms!


why do these men think that they will not be caught? I tell my kids you have to presume any picture,email,post you send can & will be seen by someone other than the person you intended it to go to. I really am tired of these stories of stupid people in power that do not have enough common sense to keep things private.


Kosher Kock

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