Rick Springfield Popped For DUI, Poses For Really Sad Mug Shot

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Rick Springfield is probably wishing he had Jessie's Girl ... to post $1,250 bail and spring him from jail. Dude got popped for DUI in L.A. last night!

Atrocious intros aside, the 61-year-old rocker and soap opera star was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk around 8:00 PM for a traffic violation.

When officers approached the vehicle, they noticed the smell of booze and requested Springfield perform field sobriety tests. He didn't do so hot.

Nor did he handle it well when he was booked ...

Rick Springfield Mug Shot

Rick Springfield's mug shot is among the saddest we've seen.

Law enforcement sources report that Rick's blood alcohol content was measured at .10 and .08. The legal limit in California is .08, so he was arrested.

Springfield was taken to a nearby jail, where he was booked and released on his own recognizance ... and was apparently embarrassed about it all.

Seriously, this is quite the contrast from the mug shot taken when Flavor Flav was arrested over the weekend. Flav was happy as a clam! Not Rick.

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He still looks good in this mug shot. A gorgeous 60 yo. But, DUI very dangerous. Get it together Rick. Being cute won't prevent you from killing someone when u r drunk behind the wheel.


Now I hope this is a lesson learned. Even hot muscians/soap stars get caught. Rick needs to be on stage not behind the wheel with a few in him. Rick stop over indulging and get your ass on stage where you belong. Your being repremanded by your number one fan!!!!!!!!! Still love you though. :-)))


I'm just sooo sad for him & his family. It seems everytime he gets his life together his depression steps in & caues some major mistakes. All the best to Rick & family!


Rick Springfield has had a history of alcoholism and that is no secret. He has been an on and off drinker for many years! He also has had charges of domestic physical abuse in his past also. So, none of this surprises me! He needs to seek help that's for sure! He has issues that he needs to get resolved and no .10 is just barely over the legal limit but I also think that this is probably not the first time he has been behind the wheel after drinking. He just got caught this time and luckily he didn't hurt anyone. Maybe he'll get lucky and get Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey's judge at his arraignment!


Guess that 5 minutes in Hawaii 5-0 got him thinking there was a possibility of a comeback.....


I have been a fan of Rick's for a long, long time and still am. I go to his concerts when he's in the Dallas area and I adore him. Everyone makes mistakes and he was barely over the legal limit. It's not like he blew a 3.0. He's no Nick Nolte. I am not making excuses for him, but he partied hard, got behind the wheel (which IS a big no-no) and drove and got caught. Knowing Rick and his lifestyle, I know he is mortified and doesn't want his wife, kids and fans to think badly of him. Rick is the kind of person that takes his mistakes, learns from them, tries hard to never do it again and often writes songs about them. I'm behind you Rick! Just don't do it again!!


Rick Springfield needs help i hope he gets it im glad he and nobody else was hurt because of this momentary lack of good judgement he needs to go to AA meetings and get his act together because he really is a good person and nobody is perfect maybe he was celebrating too much on the news of Osama Bin Laden getting killed by U.S.Navy Seals other than that Rick dont ever let this happen again drunk driving is for fools.


@Lori you are so right. He looks hot & kind of like a sad puppy dog. Lol.


It is a sad affair, IF people like him would only call a cab. It's not like he cant afford it..NOW it will cost him about $15K
dollars or more


We all need to be aware that driving under the influence is against the law and it can hurt or kill someone else. Most all who drink have done it and not gotten caught. I think it is a shame that just because he is a rock star soap star it has to be spread all over the news. If it were me....I would be in and out without notice. Rick, no one sees ou as a lessor person.

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