Flavor Flav Busted For Outstanding Warrants, Blames "Rookie Ass Cop"

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Flavor Flav found himself behind bars in Las Vegas this weekend after the rapper / reality star was pulled over for a routine traffic violation.

The police officer who pulled him over at 10:57 p.m. Friday noticed there were FOUR outstanding warrants for his arrest. That'll usually do it.

Flav (real name William Jonathan Drayton, Jr.) never settled up with the court in four separate automobile-related matters and was busted.

Flavor Flav Mug Shot

In short, driving without proof of insurance plus a parking violation and two cases of driving without a license equals new celebrity mug shot!

Flavor Flav says the only reason he was arrested Friday night is because some "curious Rookie Ass Cop" wanted to make a name for himself.

Flav went on Twitter to explain himself, saying that "I was on my home from Benihana's I got pulled over by a curious Rookie Ass Cop."

"He found out I had a traffic warrant wanted to make a name for himself took me in and now I'm home laying my bed what's the big deal?!"

Apparently, nothing now, because Flav settled those past automotive woes: "At least, I cleared up my sh*t ... some people are still on the run!"



I'm quite paesled with the information in this one. TY!


I would love to know what these celebrities are thinking when they are out breaking the law and I would love to see every single one of them get more than a simple slap on the wrist..if anyone of us were arrested in Kentucky for DUI u dont get out on your own, u spend quite a few hours in there before they even think about releasing u PLUS lose your license,plus pay a big a$$ fine.in total DUI here costs u about $3,000 roughly for driving school and all. So sick of seeing these stars getting NOTHING done to them. its making a joke out of the judicial system.

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