REAL Rapture Now Set For October 21, Loon Claims

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It's been a tough week or so for Harold Camping. The California preacher predicted, and warned of, with great fanfare, the end of the world May 21. FAIL.

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    Followers and believers in Harold Camping's prophecy's.


    I didnt believe bout may 21... But now comes october 21 and i hope nuttin happens...btw im 12..i juss dnt want nuttin to happen, idk if i believe or not its hard to tell, i need to see it to believe it... :/...harold campin waz a liar bout may 21 -,-


    Stupid old fossil. He'll probably croak before October.


    ugh fucking idiot... what a stupid douche... so is anyone that takes the bible literally...


    Mr.Camping you you have once again proved the Bible to be true,the Bible says in Mark 13:32 that NO man knows the day nor the hour,no, not the angels...neither SON,but the Father. Matthew 24:11 says that many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many. You Mr. camping are a false prophet.


    You can't blame this guy for believing in what he says. He's entitled to free speech just like everyone of us. The real idiots are his followers. No one will ever know the time or the day. Read Mark 13:32.....You all should be keeping your eyes on the sky instead this fall....Elenin, Honda, Levy coming to a theater near you.........Good Luck !!!!


    i feel sorry for him.


    This guy can just keep fucking recalculating. The Rapture is NOT going to happen...


    He just needs to sit down and eat his jello!


    This guy Needs to stop predicting such an event as if he has his hand prints engraved on it. By the looks of him, he already looks like *death riding on a lifesaver!!

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