May 21: The End of the World?!

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Is the world coming to an end May 21, 2011? Harold Camping says so. The Colorado minister insists Doomsday is this Saturday, so it must be true.

“The whole universe is going to be destroyed by fire," says Camping, who created a formula based on Bible verses to pinpoint the end of the world.

Apparently he's not the only believer. Some followers of his Doomsday theory have already quit their jobs as part of their preparations for the end.

May as well, right? Rapture trumps recession. Safe to say the 89-year-old minister and his backers side with Kirk Cameron over Stephen Hawking.

The weather forecast for Saturday, apparently.

The 89-year-old uses rather sophisticated equations all tied to one date - the date of the flood from Noah’s Ark. His faithful followers have embraced this.

Of course, there have been thousands of predictions tied to the end of the world or the apocalypse, and all turned out to be BS. So who knows.

If the end is but 48 hours away, we just have to say what an honor it's been providing you with celebrity gossip - and occasional other nonsense such as this story - for all these years. From all of us at THG, we love you, readers.

What do you think? Is Saturday, May 21 gonna be the end?

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Totally. Peace out, world!

Maybe. It's up in the air.


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it seem like every year someone say this year will end, but it never does,im sure some day it will happend but not in are life time. that guy who did the calender and you ever think he died before he finish it.


Something really weird? I have a blueprint to build a difference of Potential Earth Battery with a large body of water. Quite simple really.. and infinite with no pollution. My High Voltage and electronics experience helps..
A mobile crystal radio and an electric bike that could do 70mph complete with USB 5vdc, electric lift trucks and mining locomotives helped me there.. Also I have put a cool Model together for a city that has no need for money, but would take a world reset and about 2000 years lol College opened many doors for me.. with my 100% in math.. And all that energy filled ammo for war all over the planet.. I can think of better uses.. anyways.. if I said all of us are in this together.. we, us, together.. My initials are JES.. plus us. weird.. I am Disabled and Poor with a sick son.


I assume there is very creditable weight to these theories, the four horses do ride, a financial Apocalypse, many Revelations, (Very Symbolic), under the guise of Austerity and Countries, like old cars get parted out for the best stuff cheap. (The balance=Austerity, Pestilence is failing Health Care, do the math!) they are vapour=intangible.. Look carefully at Greece, Syria.. and Ontario.. I know its all over the world, some one is hoarding the money. WW3 IS upon us.. Just the Old, Poor and Kids
(addicted to games, chatting, Internet, medications, drugs, booze, gambling, sex but especially unable to pay off debts.. seem to be the protesting enemies about to be herded somewhere cheap. I hope its not true! but.. De-Evolution comes to mind..


And jhus 4 thee record it's really not goingg to happn!!:) So don't believe that it;ss going to happen in 2012 because it mabye happin in the next hundred yearsz!!!


The world'z gunna end? SO iffe it was then why did thay say last year in October it was gunna end???? BULL!! but Judgement Day is real!!!!!


All anyone has to do is pick up the Bible to read what God's word is.
For those that do not know, God clearly states that Only HE knows when Jesus will return and that we should Not try and figure out the date, to merely be ready for HIS coming. Also, God is Not ever going to destroy the world he created. It will live on forever as we will live forever with him. I just cannot believe that so many people can be duped into believing something that contradicts God's word, especially the man who predicted this. He obviously does Not know God's word.


does obama knw bout this shit lol.arrest this old punky ass motherfucker before he predic shit again.


hahaha lol the dude is crazy no hes fuckin retarded..u people can u please tell this old son of a bitch to take his prediction somewhere else.i ain't a fuckin kid


gosh it wouldent happen and it dident GOD CAN ONLY CHOOSE


As far as I kknow just dont get me wrong god promise the world will not feel his Wrath ever again and he will never destroy the world as he destroy it during noah's time. If i am not mistaken the book of revelations tells that the world(not talking about planets blowing up into pieces)but our world will be destroyed by us, by way our of life, our hostility and violence. We will be extinct gradually, not in asingle day or a snap in by an invisible hand, just imagine you are a guy who survive the WWII feel the world as it there is no going to be tomorrow. I dont believe a guy saying tomorrow's gonna end the world.

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