Rachel Uchitel Reality Show: Coming Soon!

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Best known for going under the covers with Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel is now going undercover as a private investigator! For a new reality show!

You can't make this stuff up.

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Rachel Uchitel recently became a licensed P.I., which certainly puts her primary skill set in life - sneaking around - to good use. Way to go Rache!

Uchitel has a deal for a docu-drama on her life with Atlas Media Group.

"I wasn't interested until Atlas came along and agreed with me the only way to do something was if it was a 'true' reality show," Rachel said.

"I'm doing PI work now and it's stuff that would make for great TV."

A former professional mistress, Rachel Uchitel says she won't be going after cheating spouses, but will branch out and try to concentrate on cases of missing people, child custody claims and financial forensic work.

According to a carefully worded statement from Atlas which makes no mention of her affair with Tiger Woods, the show will feature "Rachel juggling her new career along with her newest personal and business relationships."

One of those relationships is her romance with insurance broker Matt Hahn, 26, whom Uchitel has been dating since the end of last yea.

Matt's been living with in her Park Avenue apartment for three months.

Uchitel's history with Woods will not be featured, as she received a reported $10 million settlement to keep quiet about their relationship.

She appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew last year, seeking treatment for an addiction to prescription drugs and "love addiction."

Again, no mention of feverish, Ambien-fueled sex with Woods.

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no one will watch-she is hideous and ridiculous-her best career??? sucking dick in free porn movies-that would be the only place anyone cares who she is -like the guy who got his pecker cut off- and the 26 year old boyfriend is obviously as much of a bloodsucking leach as she is-what goes around comes around-one day Skankchel will wake up to find he has emptied her bank account and disappeared-maybe she should use her "detective" skills to find her dignity or a shred of self respect-it would be hard to find them sense they have been dead and buried for quite some time


No joke, I own the Academy she learned her skills from -- You can check us if you know how to google: DGA Detectives...


Hooker TV???? I think I already have the Playboy channel, call girl numbers from TV infomercials and truck stop hookers so why watch her again?????? Her job is sucking dick and porn is free on the internet!!!!! smh (she just needs to give out her number like she gave it to these producers)


The whole P.I. career is a joke. She gets all dressed up like she is going to a club to follow people around. She should be good at it since she snuck around with at least 2 famous married men.

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