Matt Hahn: Dating Rachel Uchitel For Some Reason!

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Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' famous mistress, has scored herself a new boyfriend.

Not only that, but they're already living together! Matt Hahn, a 25-year-old insurance underwriter and former Penn State football standout, is totally "the best thing that's happened to me in as long as I can remember," Uchitel said.

At least since her affairs with Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz.

Matt Hahn Picture
Matt Hahn and Rachel Uchitel

Amazingly, Matt Hahn is not a celebrity OR married to someone else!

Rachel Uchitel recently embarked upon a new career as a private investigator in NYC, where she owns the $2 million Park Avenue apartment she shares with Hahn.

Tiger bought them a nice love nest, it sounds like.

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Amazingly, Matt Hahn is not a celebrity OR married to someone else!
but you can bet he is loving Tiger's cash-only reason anyone would stomach this walking STD farm-better hope it doesn't run out Skanchel-that will be the last you see of this guy-kid or not


I'd buy Playboy to stare at her sexy bod! But didn't she already strip down to her undies? I hope I didn't miss that issue.


Isn't she supposed to now be a minister too? Then why on earth, is she living in sin? Of course ,there's nothing wrong with being diversified in your professional skills! Afterall, if those two careers ever go under, at least she always has a qualifiable career as a homewreckin, gold diggin, easy cheesy beautiful cover girl! I admire how far Rachel Uchitel has become! Just think, not too long ago, she was just another mistress! At least, she has the beautiful talent and smarts, to make something more out of herself compared to other women in her shoes! I see her next career between the pages of Playboy! At least I hope so!!! Cheers Rachel!


Oh gross this hoe again!! This guy better double up! You know where she's been, more reason not to mess with her.