President Obama, Seth Meyers CRUSH Donald Trump at White House Correspondents' Dinner

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President Barack Obama took the stage at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night and took on both Donald Trump and the "birther" nonsense.

Entering to Hulk Hogan's old WWE anthem "Real American" as Obama's birth certificate flashed on screen, he then treated the crowd to his "birth video."

After poking fun at himself and various Republicans, Obama seemed to delight in laying into the Donald (who was there) for what felt like an eternity.

Regardless of your political leanings, you gotta admit he killed it:

Following our 44th President, host Seth Meyers took to the podium and went off on all things cable news, birth certificates, and of course, Donald Trump.

Watch Seth's effort - and read Trump's response to being the butt of so many jokes (spoiler alert: he was not exactly pleased) - after the jump:

Trump called in to Fox and Friends this morning, saying he was surprised he was such a focal point at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

"It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about?" he said.

Funny, that's what people have been saying about ... eh, forget it.

The blowhard went on to tell Fox that Seth Meyers is "a stutterer" and that he simply didn't think he'd be "virtually the sole focus" of the evening.

The Donald then hilariously said that he felt the whole event "seemed inappropriate" considering that "the American people are really suffering."

That's right, folks. You've been enlightened. Because if anyone focuses inately on things of utmost importance at all times, it is Donald J. Trump.


donald is a rich fool.he 's so jealous and always like to be the centre of attraction but since obama became the president noone cares about donald anymore.obama beat him hands down in all ramification,obama is more handsome,more eloquent,more intelligent and more popular even more sexy,responposible married man with beautiful family,donald is a humanizer with many wives and no moral class.donald ,you are a ccheat,get a life


SUED ,whatever fool,ur stupid than Osama.Hav u ever been in Kenya?


Haha, that video is awesome. President Obama absolutely ROASTED Donald. Donald Trump is ridiculous if he thinks people take his campaign seriously. Virtually everyone in the audience was laughing their asses off at every joke Obama made about him because DONALD IS AN IDIOT. It really is that simple.


@sued, It appears as if you don't speak english so with views like you have prehaps you should go back to the country you came from! We have enough idiots that are born here that we are forced to deal with and I'm sure your village is missing it's idiot. @sharon, really? You base who you vote on this way? You should have your voter card revoked! @dolly, AMEN! If you aren't rich why would you vote republican?! They DON'T care about your views. They eat off your fear and laugh all the way to the bank with your money! God help this country! BTW, before those who voted for him start bashing him REMEMBER he promised that WE can do it and not that HE can do it, so ask yourself if you have been doing your part.


Its gonna be a long yr the mud has begun to fly i guess gt will make people forget unemployment high gas and inflation.


Oh, so sweet; White House Correspondence Dinner events and now today Osama is dead. And the announcement made 15 minutes before the end of Celebrity Apprentice. President Obama has fired everybody; fake and foe alike.


Haha... Obama and Seth killed it! Thumbs up! And funny enough, a lot of those people hating on Obama in their posts can't even construct proper grammar-free sentences (i.e. sue d, Sharon...)


I have absolutely No idea why Trump would get upset about being the toast of the dinner. For weeks he has been front row,center talking trash about everything and everybody. Ordinarily he is an attention seeker. So at last Night's WHCD he got toasted and roasted, and so to borrow a line from Martin Lawrence.."What the problem is?"


Loved the White House Correspondences' Dinner. Now that was Entertainment!!


All you people that say Barack Obama doesn't belong here maybe you don't need to be here. For all those people that can't stand a black president in the white house can really go suck on it. You can't stand to see another color in the white house and it takes time to put things back in order it's not gonna happen over night because Mr. Bush wanted to mess it up from the beginning. So get your facts right..

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