Donald Trump: Obama Not Ivy League Material

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Donald Trump has broadened his criticism of President Barack Obama.

Not only does the real estate mogul question Obama's birth certificate and thus his U.S. citizenship, Trump says the President is an intellectual lightweight.

In an interview Monday, Trump called Obama "a poor student" who did not deserve to be admitted to the prestigious Ivy League universities he attended.

Trump, mulling a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, offered no proof of this but said he would continue pressing it - and the birth certificate talk.

The President of the United States of America

"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then Harvard?" Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press.

"I'm thinking about it, I'm looking into it. Let him show his records."

Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York in 1983 with a degree in political science after transferring from Occidental College in California.

Barack went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was also the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.

Obama's campaign did not release his college transcripts, and in his memoir,
Dreams From My Father, Obama indicated he wasn't always an academic star.

Trump posited in the interview that Obama's refusal to release his college grades were part of a larger pattern of concealing information about himself.

"I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard," Trump said. "We don't know a thing about this guy. A lot of questions are unanswered about our president."

A spokeswoman for Obama's re-election campaign declined to comment.

The reality star, who mentioned his potential bid on Celebrity Apprentice this week, has been calling for Obama to release his long form birth certificate.

The State of Hawaii has released a certificate of live birth indicating Obama was born there on August 4, 1961, but that has not quelled "birther" critics.

The controversy has dominated the early stage of the 2012 GOP nominating contest, with Trump leading the charge and benefiting in Republican polls.

"I have more people that are excited that I reinvigorated this," Trump said, adding "the last guy (Obama) wants to run against is Donald Trump."

Trump is scheduled to travel to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Nevada this week and will make a final decision about a bid by June.

What do you think? Should Trump run?

Are these claims by Trump racist?



I guess Trump is having problems facing the fact that Bo, The Obama dog was a member of The Kennedy Family before Ted and Victoria gave Bo to The Obama Family as a gift!!


---The whole Trump/Obama affair is a set-up. Trump, son of a high profile New York contractor
is proabably himself a high degree Freemason
--and therefore an on board member of the globalization
and EUGENICS op.. Obama's certificate and 'calm-you-nist' background issues
are also phoney. We'll bet dinner at the Ritz he's actually
directly related to deep establishment bloodlines.
That's what thewy don't want us to know, esp. as American
sovereignty is being collapsed. Our guess, Averell Harriman through his mother Ann Dunham. WE'LL SEE---------------------


Please do Not get me started, but with all the accusations coming from the mouth of Trump, the next demand will be that President Obama will have to prove that he is really married to Michelle, and I am just saying!!


From whom did Trump hear that Obama was such a bad student? Sounds more like the old rumor mill working overtime than a fact from someone in the know. It's always going to be something with these people. If it's not Obamas birth certificate or transcripts it will be something else. Look, a person does not become president of the Harvard Law Review if they are a crappy student. Won't happen. Come on people, what's it going to be next? Maybe if Trump talks to Obamas former 1st grade teacher he'll get some big dirt on him. Maybe he called a classmate a big stupid head in 1st grade! Scandal! But all jokes aside, Trump has some nerve, given his own history to be making these kind of statements.


I'd like to just say, and sorry for this being completely inconsequential, that President Obama looks really hot compared to Mr Trump. Is Trump wearing make up? Self-tan? Genius remarks from busbus. Let him prove his own credentials first. Give him something to do since he clearly has too much time in his hands. Besides, I bet he has his share of skeletons in his closet and if he runs, it will become such a fracas. He'll be torn to pieces.


I'm starting to think the Donald is going senile, or has some kind of a medical condition. I mean, I really want him to show a doctor's statement saying he's all right up there if he runs for president. Let him prove THAT to people! He's like that old, a bit senile relative at family dinner, who keeps embarrassing everyone with his crazy remarks and you desperately try to hush him up.


The more Trump talks,the less (he shows) he knows!!
He has his Name on so many buildings that he wants to be able to call The White House, Trump's White House, and it just ain't going to happen!!


All i can say is The biggest Dumb ass on the face of this planet.


Um I like Obama the Guy Who's doing the thing to Obama is a FUCNNEN ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!


As far as I'm concerned a lot of people in office aren't the smartest... Being from Wisconsin I have learned that if you want to be the Governer of the state all you need is a year and a half of college and then drop out (i.e. Scott Walker)... If that's the case I got three years completed so I must be qualified for the job... Let's all be honest here, 90% of the people who hold any sort of political job have one thing in common old money... So cut the BS and actually fix the problems rather than point fingers...

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