Katie Couric Signs Off CBS News

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Below is video of Katie Couric's final minutes as anchor of CBS Evening News. Her exit was announced earlier this spring, and her last broadcast was Thursday.

There is speculation that Couric is in "advanced negotiations" and nearing a deal with ABC for a syndicated talk show, which CBS has the right to match.

Couric's successor at CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley, starts June 6. Here's Katie's final sign-off from the news desk she first took over five years ago:


There is ntohing about reality that libs can't photoshop to fit into their predetermined ideation of 'what is real'


This message is for Ms. Katie Couric. Please make sure she gets it. Ms. Katie Couric, I am a Navajo Indian living in New Mexico. I want to personally thank you for doing a superb job in bring the CBS Evening News. I will miss watching and listening to you. I wish you success in your future endeavors. May the Holy People watch over you and your family. Thank You. Charles Long.


We'll miss you Katie!
I was looking forward to the grillings you might have made next election. :)


Karma's a bitch.