Lindsay Lohan on Dating Guys Again: I'm Available!

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You're in luck, fellas. Lindsay Lohan hasn't abandoned you yet.

Despite her long-term relationship with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay told Australian radio show she would absolutely consider dating a guy again.

LiLo went on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and was asked: "We'd love to know whether you're a lesbian or whether you're bi ... 'cause boys wanna know if they still have a chance ... have we still got a chance?" Her reply: "Yes."

Lindsay Lohan With No Bra

Although she dodged additional questions about bisexual, when asked if she was dating anyone, guys in particular, she said: "I'm available."

Lohan also opened up about a range of other topics in her life - dating, community service, and that infamous white dress she wore to court.

She says she's clean for life, which no one out there is buying, but we do hope for the best, of course. So how is community service going?

"I'm enjoying it. I'm working in the Downtown Women's Shelter, and I think the second part I'm going to be working with kids, which I like."

As for her too-sexy-for-court fashion ...

"I have great things to wear so it's not my fault!" she said.

"I love fashion, but I wasn't wearing that to court, I just wanted to go to court and get court over with because it's scary. It's just the way I was dressed that day. You wouldn't say that to a hooker coming into court."

"That's inappropriate. That's all she has."

True, and deeply profound ... why didn't we ever think of it that way, and why would anyone possibly criticize this budding fashion icon?

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