James Durbin Rocks Out on American Idol Finale

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He aimed to bring heavy metal to American Idol all season long, and James Durbin truly got his chance to do so on last night's finale.

The impressive artist took to the stage alongside Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford and sang a duet of both :Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law." It was some way to kick off the two-hour show, which culminated in Scotty McCreery being named season 10 champion.

But might we have a case of Chris Daughtry on our hands? It's not hard to see Durbin going on to enjoy the most successful career of any contestant this year.


I just want to say since day one, James Durbin was the best contestant ever!! Vocally speaking, great. Great performer. Amazing sensibility, and like Jennifer Lopez stated the day he got votted out, "James can sing anything". So he is definitely a great talent and I will be waiting for his record to come out. I love country music, but in my opinion, McCreery is just another typical voice whatsoever. Will do ok, and I wish him the best, don't get me wrong. But as far as talent, James Durbin has and deserves the best of the best. I love you James. And I do agree with the person that encouraged the voters to pay a dollar every time they call. That will make a more fair competition and good artists will have a better chance.


@Barbara I hear you regarding the voting system, they really need to change it, it's years overdue. Either let everyone vote all they want and let the judges decide who of the B3/B2 goes home (a la SYTYCD) or limit voting to one number / IP address per contestant.


I found it comical how AI plays up the number of votes. They did this too when James was voted off. Wish the producers would get smart and change the voting system. If voters had to pay $1 for each vote, the young kid's parents would have to think twice about letting the kids vote none stop for 4 hours. If the votes were $1, the contestant who won would get that voting money to give to the charity of the winner's choice. Fair voting AND helping our world.


I want James to make it BIG - like Adam Lambert. He's so talented and so exciting. He made the show last night - only saw his performance - the rest was quite "not exciting" (duh). James was, in my opinion, the best one in AI so I hope he get his "just reward" and makes it BIG!!! GO JAMES!!!


True. That was the best number if that night. The rest are sooo damn cheesy and contrived.


James more than held his own with the great Rob Holford, this performance was hands down the night's best. James & Judas Priest totally ripped that stage not leaving much for anyone else to follow, though I love Casey & Jack Black's duet as well. Yes I believe that James has the potential to become the top seller this season. But this will depend on management & production, though he's got some heavyweights backing him (eg: Zakk Wylde & Mike Portnoy). Hope he signs with Roadrunner instead of Interscope and makes real rock music.

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