Delta Goodrem Rep Sort of Denies Nick Jonas Boyfriend Rumors

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Delta Goodrem has a professional relationship with Nick Jonas. This much we know.

When asked about rumors that his client is getting it on with the handsome young singer, Goodrem's rep simply said: "He is one of the many people Delta is writing with. She's not making any comment about anything else."

Perhaps not. But a Twitter picture says a thousand of cute words, doesn't it? And this one has the Internet:

Delta Goodrem, Nick Jonas

Is the world prepared for Goodas?

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I love delta she's on ' the voice' I watch it every Sunday's Monday's Tuesday's


So delta?? dn evn knw her!! what psych! I dnt thnk nick has anythng with the girl! mayb she is gud bt not d perfect 1 4 him! Im sure Nick has a better choice! mayb she is doing it 4 her popularity. see now we all know bout her! So clevr! mayb shes not bt stil nick must be careful or will again hes heart will become wounded! such an innocent sensitive heart!


Delta Goodrem is one of the nicest girls on Earth. If they are a couple, then I wish them luck and happiness. The sex lives of celebs and their partner's really has nothing to do with the rest of the world. And I'm sorry to burst the fantasy of all the jealous little girls out there, but the chances that anyone famous is going to knock on the door and fall in love with a fan is really rather slim.


Nick Jonas isnt dating delta if it was only professional and movie date goes , they were going as friends and he was probably holding her hand to get her through the paparazzi's ...he is still single!


Its Ok , But a Bit Little Awkward ...... She is 8 Years Older Than Him .... But If He's Happy Guess Thats Ok . But Im Not Trying to Do Anything . But Maybe , maybe she is Using Him For a CAREER BOOST . Cause i didnt even know who she is ... ? and shes Not the Famous .


U girls should stop obssesing with Nick he is just a guy and if he wants to date an older woman it shouldn't matter as long as they are happy!


fain someone better then her
love you baby


wow go nick!!!!!! Im sure she can teach you a thing or two!!!!!!!!!


Her reps r full of shit....she is screwing this young dude.Why would she go on a movie date and hold hands with him if it only professional. Nick and Joe loves the ladies and they r not as innocent as they want their fans to think. Mrs. Jonas must be proud.

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