Delta Goodrem: Dating Nick Jonas?

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Has Nick Jonas found himself an older woman?

The 18-year old was caught holding hands with Australian singer Delta Goodrem, 26, over the weekend. The possible couple looked mighty cozy as they exited the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood last night.

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem

From Miley Cyrus to Delta Goodrem? Nick Jonas has a type.

Goodrem split from her fiance, singer Brian McFadden, last month. They had been together for seven years.

No word yet from Jonas on the relationship, but if Tweets are telling, the young star is smitten. He wrote yesterday: "I feel so blessed. Had a great weekend."

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they make a cute couple and nick is a passionate dued and he wants what he wants go get her


UGH!!!!!!!! She is too old for him... But I love him so much that I am just happy he is happy!


So for the record I'll always support Nick no matter what he does or who he dates.I may not like it but if he's happy that's all I can ask for. Then I read about Delta and was like NO WAY!!!I support Nick yeah, but if the two of us had a chat about this relationship I'd tell him to end it then and there. She's too old for him right now, I think they're at completely different stages in life. If he hadn't been homeschooled he'd basically be fresh out of High School while she's prob ready for some big time commitment. But honestly the part that got me the most was how she had just split from her to-be-husband a month before she met Nick!Why would he get into that mess?! IDK why Delta split with the other guy, but fingers crossed it ends soon with Nick. I don't want him to get hurt, but he shouldn't be in that relationship.He may be mature and act mature, but at the end of the day, he's still 18 and she's still 26, fresh out of a lifetime commitment.


nick is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am a nick jonas fan but i do not support him in this


delta is just using nick to get joe




Okay its pretty cool dating a older woman...go on nick we will always support WE i meant the jonatics....


What's the big deal? After all, every cougar needs a cub.


Love is love, age doesnt matter, as long as their both adults and know what their getting into.


Sorry about the 1st one I said I meant to say so whait if he's dating an older woman again sorry. lol

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