Children of Arnold Schwarzenegger Rally Around Maria Shriver

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The four (legitimate) children of Arnold Schwarzenegger are rallying around their mother, Maria Shriver, amid the love child scandal that exploded this week.

Three days after Arnold admitted he had a love a child with former household staffer Mildred "Patty" Baena, Maria is understandably reeling from the news.

The couple's four children - Katherine, 21, and Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13 - are struggling as well, but are rallying around their mom.

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Katherine, Christina and Patrick with Maria Shriver.

"The kids are all banding together to support their mom right now and they're doing their best to stay out of the spotlight," a family source tells Us Weekly.

The fact that Arnold kept the secret for 14 years, and that Baena is close to the family and was obsessed with Maria Shriver, make this harder to bear.

The former California governor's wife of 25 years struggles to maintain a brave face, her kids seek comfort in oldest sibling Katherine, who frequently acted as a "second parent" while Schwarzenegger was on the campaign trail.

"Katherine is really upset about this and how her mom is right now," the source adds.

"It's tense because the kids need a sounding board just as much as Maria does but it's difficult to go to their mom for questions. Everyone feels really betrayed and embarrassed that it's out in the open. Not for their dad's sake but for Maria."

Older brother Patrick admitted on Tuesday that he was suffering from his family drama. "Some days you feel like sh--, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet I love my family till death do us part," he Tweeted.

"You have no idea how humiliating this is for her," one Shriver pal said when news broke of Schwarzenegger's fifth child, a boy who may have been born within weeks of Christopher, the couple's youngest child.

"[Maria] spent a lot of time ... defending Arnold's character. She had no idea."

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Honestly, does anyone really believe that Maria had no clue as to his hideous and agressive behavior?
Would she accept this kind of behavior towards their "legitimate" female children"?
Personally I believe she didn't want to know, and wanted to believe he was true to their marital commitment.
Unfortunatley, she eventually came to understand as do so many beautiful, intelligent and capable women have come to understand that the fact is that: Men are liars and pigs!.


Maria Arnold was boning a girl that thought she could be a fake look a Like for Maria. She look like a dwarf with a face like a
horse. She mopped and waxed floors like a second class whore.


Who gives A rats behind about Justin Beeber. I would not know how he looked if his piecture was not on this web sight.


The people in California need to receive restittuion for having this deranged man as govenor. He had a lot of nerve and he should have to pay back all the money he earned. He needs to be investigated to, no telling what else he did while he was in office. He was a liar and a cheater o his wife and children. No teelling how much he betrayed the people in the state of California. It is a shame who people elect for goverment officials nowdays. Some people can get away with stuff like lying and being cheaters. Everybody that takes public office ought to be of sound moral character. That should be enforced.


Arnold is scum for cheating on his wife. Once we say our vows and make a commitment to love, honor and cherish one another that ends our freedom of sexual prowling. This jumping in bed with married people has to be frowned on. Women who think they can break up a family and it's okay are sluts. Men that lay down with sluts are dogs. It is uncivilzed to break up a family. I do not think the child is to blame but it was not conceived out of love. It is a bastard birth. Arnold and his slut need to be tarred and feathered. That skank should have had an abortion and her bastard would not have to suffer the disgrace her and Arnold brought on him. God preserve the Nulear family!


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It's so easy to condemn and criticize people without knowing the facts. I feel badly for EVERYONE....but especially the son of Ms. Baena. What a burden he must be feeling. I hope they get him good counseling, and Arnold, and Maria, and..... I know that people want so much to make Arnold out as a rat, but NO ONE knows what went on inside that marriage. We all assume that Maria was the perfect wife, etc. And she very well may have been. And, if my husband ever cheated, I'd leave him too. But, I would hope that part of my heart would realize that he is still a human being and not the scum of the earth to be burned at the stake. I'll never understand why people so quickly jump to "hanging" someone and not offer even a tablespoon of compassion.


@Betrayed Wife: Wow, family law varies hugely from state to state. In my state a spouse who is not the parent of a child that their husband or wife is paying child support for bears no responsibility for it. Their income is not considered in calculating support because it is not their child and they can't be held responsible. If Marias earnings were o figure into child support calculations that would be highly unjust. As far s legal paternity, that is all going to depend on how this all went down. If the ex-husband knew he was not the bio dad all along or for a long peroid of time and still acted as the father and paid support then he may continue to do so, or ordered to. But if he just now found out he is not the bio dad he would have a cause for legal action. But since the man has been this kids dad for his whole life I really hope that no matter what he keeps that relationship with his son. I think this poor kid needs all the help he can get.


- I am very happy that no one has to say anything wrong about Maria, she kept her integrity for the family and put up with so much rubbish for years of "her" "vaginal exterminator", no wander smoke come out one day from airplane cockpit, if this had happen I did understand that he has done something wrong, but I did not know what it was all about until the bubble bursted, and now here we go again singing in the kitchen.

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