Patty Baena: Obsessed With Maria Shriver!

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Mildred "Patty" Baena, the woman who carried Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child, had an obsession with his wife Maria Shriver, according to reports.

Sources close to the Schwarzenegger's ex-housekeeper and staff member said she loved Shriver's naturally "gorgeous" looks and wanted to be just like her.

To that end, Mildred Patricia Baena - also known as Mildred Baena and Patty Baena - would dress in Maria's clothing and even wear her jewelry around town.

Mildred Baena, Love Child

In one instance, Patty confided that Maria noticed that a piece of her jewelry was missing and interviewed the staff. It's unclear if it resurfaced.

Perhaps most shockingly, Patty Baena would go to Maria for "love advice" as well as advice about pregnancy and Maria graciously offered help.

Given that she gave birth to Schwarzenegger's love child, a secret she kept for more than 14 YEARS, that's pretty much the height of irony.

Baena also confided in a friend that when Maria would leave the house in the morning, she would crawl into the marital bed and "do" Arnold.

She once even bragged to a confidant that she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria Shriver because she was "always there for him."

Long story short, this divorce is about to get really ugly.

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I still don't like him whether it was with her or with whoever!!! I think he is a jerk. Maria is a very well respected woman who people in the community respect. He now will be known as the cheater, the jerk, and other words I really can't say here. I wonder what his kids think of him now?


In my opinion, he is worthless and so is she for betryaing the hand that fed her and her son. Of course, her son is not at fault here, besides, he did not ask for this. And true that Arnold the as*****, is not the first nor the last to betray his wife, and nationality definately does not have anything to do with this, like the comment made by Lila, above, but the point of the fact is, Arnold the as***** was against immigrants(not only hispanic immigrants) being in California but didn't mind when he was having an affair with one???? What a jerk!!!!! Now not only did he shame his real wife Maria, but his children as well. It's the principal!!!! Would you stay with a man that sheated on you and not only cheated on you but had another child with this person who lived in your home???? What would you do???


@Alana..for your information she is a U.S Citizen. Who cares what her background or nationality is!!why the f** do people put so much emphasis on that sh**. Would it make ok if she was white??. This is non of our business and we're nobody to judge! Only God has the right to do so!!




I always felt they were two different kinds of people. I could not understand what she saw in him. He was a body builder and actor she was well educated, comming from a political family. It was because of her he became Governor, he was not happy in polictics because this was not him. He was an actor in his marriage an actor in California as Governor, and a movie actor on the screen. Maybe she fell in love with him and tried to change him. Maria needs to sue that crazy women she trusted, for stabbing her in her back in her home. Maria is too good of a person. That women is not a house keeper but a house recaker. Don't let yourself Maria. Sue her too Maria.


She was in their home 6 years. Watching and waiting, learning all their weaknesses and desires. Plotting and planning for 6 years until she caught him at a vunerable time. Than took advantage of the situation. She knew this job was coming to an end, so she made sure Maria got enough hints to be suspicious. Just waiting for the chance to tell his wife. You know she already told her son. She probably even had him say dad once in a while just to keep it going. She is a very bad person.


There is no excuse for showing the minor child's face in that photo. It's enough that he has to face the people who live near them and obviously would know of them, but flashing his face in front of millions so that every single person in his school can be sure to know all about it . . . wow. Even for a gossip site, that is low.


Nobody knows what these people felt or think, and it's nobody's business but theirs.


I guess this gives new meaning to the phrase, "another job most Americans will not do".


Why not forgive him? Why are you guys so angry? He is not a perfect man, he made the mistake and didn't tell his family earlier. But at least he is a man, he didn't abandon the woman and his son; instead, he kept them around him and pays the child support. What do you expect of him? Kill that woman when he knew that she had his child? Nobody is perfect, he is an actor, not a role model. I still support him.

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