Lady Gaga: I'm Not Full of $h!t. You?

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In next month's NME magazine, the British music magazine asked if Lady Gaga is a “freak or fraud” and mused about her true legitimacy as an artist.

Gaga tells the magazine that she is nothing if not sincere in what she says and does, and while she has achieved great success, she’s never satisified.

She's also dressed in a sheer, zip-up body suit fondling her own breasts on the cover. Pretty standard as Lady Gaga pictures go. Take a look:

Lady Gaga Unzipped

“I am perpetually unhappy with what I create. Even though I might tell you that ‘Edge of Glory’ is a pop masterpiece, when it’s all said and finished there will be things I dread, and every time I listen to it I’ll hear them," she continues.

"The worst mistake I could have made was not putting out Born This Way as the first record. It’s completely balls-to-the-wall, love-it-or-hate-it... Get in or get off the f*%king boat. I gained a lot of new fans.”

On the music video for her new song "Judas," she promises a blend of “motorbikes, death and, in the final seconds, a strong spoken word sequence about Gaga being beyond repentance.” So there you go. Listen to the song here:

Thoughts on Lady Gaga's "Judas"?


I dnt understand if yall dnt like HER y waste your time reading articles about HER and bashing HER I dnt like katy perry but I also dnt waste my time reading about her and entering my email address just to bash her use all that free time that you all have to do something productive its pathetic I'm just saying


wat u lookin 4 this tym ??????????????????:S:S:/:/
i cant wait to see maybe on her nxt vid she'll show us say hi to ur mum well rised
555555555ttttttttoooooofffoooooo 3la wayhech


You guys please stop cursing GAGA. Your blood-pressure are messed now. You always have choice not to pay attention to her if you don't like her. Stop mocking her! It's obvious you (haters) envy to gaga and wait a right moment to crawl her with your dirty, stupid, and meaningless words. Go wash your face and lick your butt!


i also think she is going to lose popularity REAL soon.


i love her music & the message her voice sends, but like i said before, shes fucking masterbating on the cover of a magazine! i agree with what (most) everyone has said, especially you pak31.


pak31 got it COMPLETELY right.....excellent points!!!!


She is so un-original. The schtick she uses has been used by many others. I find her offensive and a bad example for anyone to follow. That said her voice is not bad. Just use that as your instrument without the rest of the crap.


She doesn't have eyebrows, ugly, she looks like her: Ugly!


I LOVE HER! Pure, raw talent and her theatrics are a major part of her atristry and expression. NYC GIRL!!!! YES! I get it! Thank GOD she is not cut from that typical, pitiful mold of mainstream. She busted her butt to get to the top. GOOD FOR HER! You got it so go ahead and flaunt it!


omg tiya and pak31 u guys totally rite, thats exactly my point too. being so sexual is totally made for the horny masculine target audience, and since its so trendy right now, thats what actually sells, the sex. and it sucks, cuz it gives wrong message - that selling sex is the only way to be femenine, popular, strong, artistic as a woman. thats really sad and very unoriginal. and it puts a high pressure on us everyday young girls to be sum sick sex mosters in bed cuz only then we shall be attractive to men, society and thats the only way to success! :( sad. i dont like this

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