Lady Gaga's "Judas" - Awesome or Offensive?

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Leave it to Lady Gaga, no stranger to getting people talking as it is, to up the ante tenfold this weekend with a controversial new song about "Judas."

Told through the perspective of Mary Magdelene, the lyrics go like this:

"In the most Biblical sense / I am beyond repentance / Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind / But in the cultural sense / I just speak in future tense / Judas kiss me if offensed / Or wear ear condom next time..."

Okay then ...

Gaga's creative director, Laurieann Gibson, who is religious herself, says they made sure to not offend anyone. Here's how she describes the song:

"It was amazing to have that conversation about salvation, peace and the search for the truth in a room of non-believers and believers, to me, that was saying God is active in a big way. And the place that it came to is surreal."

"We don't touch on things that we have no right touching upon, but the inspiration, the soul and idea that out of your oppression, your darkness, your Judas, you can come into the marvelous light. So it's about the inspiration and to never give up."

In conclusion, she says Lady Gaga has "created a new Jerusalem."

Has she? Tell us: What do you think of Gaga's "Judas"?


Lady Gaga is purely selling her soul for a buck. She'd sing about her mother going topless if she thought it would sell. Pray for her soul, and all the pitiful 'fans' who think this type of cheap crap is cool, too.


I think this song is about love of a Christian girl and Jewish boy. Judaism does not recognize Jesus as Son of God, but rather as a rebel who went against their priests and caused religious prosecution of Jews. They view Judas as a man who helped bring Jesus to trail. So Christian churches discourage girls from clinging with Jewish guys who have negative attitude toward Jesus. Traditional Judaism also does not allow Jews to marry a gentile. So our relationship was painful struggle between love and religion for several years. He was trying converting me to Judaism, but it is against Christianity. I tried to bring him down to Jesus, but cannot. I wanted to stop our relationship, but we are attracted to each other like two opposite poles of two magnets. His synagogue several times advised him to date someone from his own faith, but he keeps coming back to me after each betrayal. I also tried to hook up with Christian guys, but cannot find anybody to love more than him.


I think the video is wonderful. The myth of the christian god, after all, was stolen from the jews. Dont like that fact? Sorry, its the truth. BTW- the jews at least have the common sense to make their jewish story a living and evolving 'testament'. Also, why dont christians realize they focus on their self-centeredness (narcissism) when they talk about salvation- its all about them! Dont forget- the other side of the so-called crucifixtion, that 'god killed himself, his son, in this odd story, to provide humans salvation. What a sick, convoluted fable. Focus on the good size of the jesus message- his story of social justice. Oh, dont like that? Why, cuz it puts nothing in your pocket or your afterlife? Enough said!


Kida Said it all too


ahmm Lady Gaga is an Awesome Singer,creative,cool,different­­,new kind of musics, but still... something she offends.. that video kinda make fun of own god.. making Judas like the god and she as Jesus Mother(dont know how to spell her name in english) and this is not the first song... dont get offended too much plz Lagy Gaga Fans even thought she didnt mean to offend SHE DID OFFENDED, she must watchout carefully her songs look she offended many without willing, Why? Because People Let Her Do Whatever She Wants. Even though is big,read please!!


Yeah, Lady Gaga is an awesome singer but besides that, she did crosses the line to make an abusive song. People must see that its not about the song or its quality that matters here. Its about the theme of the song, and why cant most people realize that its offending our God? It doesnt matter if Gaga explains its worth to her or if she thinks that its not offensive, but religious or not, Shame on those people who patronize this song. They dont know how they also offend God simply by patronizing it.


bad influence very offensive Jesus is king she should read the Bible she also should be ashamed that is not real music its disgusting & so is she no respect for her at all Jehovah is god eternity


That's an interesting video, what I got from it, was that we all have that duality, the acceptable, and the "unacceptable"...The conservative and the Liberal we all want to be good, and we also want the freedom to be "bad" without guilt, hence all the catholic symbolisms....of course, not in a harmful way, but perhaps in that "consensually naughty" way. If we can't be it, we are entertained when others are brave enough to be it for us, such as this video and many like it...repressing our sexuality and freedom of movement is unhealthy. Also, the scene when she is in the bathtub, it seems she is in love with both men, for their differences, one representing her more philosophical and conscious side (her head towards the "Jesus" character), the other her sexual more erotic nature ("Judas" pouring water on the root /sexual chakra area)... There are lots of symbolisms in this song, I'll have to watch it again! ;)




I luv Lady GaGa, and I don't think people should judge her! She can write what she feels. I'm sure her goal wasn't to offend ANYBODY!!!

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