Jersey Shore Season 4 Filming in Italy: Delayed!

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No fist-pumping today. Looks like Jersey Shore Season 4 is on hold for now.

Snooki, The Situation, JWoww, Pauly D and crew were due to leave for Italy on April 14, a source confirms to E! News that production has been delayed.

The timetable has been pushed back "at least a few weeks." Why, you ask? Because the Italian government came to its sense and denied Snooki a visa?

That would make a better story, but no. Another reason.

JS Cast

While some Italian officials and commentators blasted the show and its stereotypes and want nothing to do with Jersey Shore, that doesn't appear to be the holdup.

A show source tells E! that producers are having trouble getting permits to film around Florence, though a rep for the Italian Film Commission denies it.

Rather, the network hasn't even applied, if you believe their side.

"We haven't been contacted by anyone from MTV or a manager for the show. Generally speaking, Italy is a film-friendly place," the spokesman says.

Another possible delay? Several castmates' contract squabbling.

Trying to strike while the iron is hot, the stars are reportedly holding out for more money and more freedom to make paid appearances in their free time.

MTV had no comment on the delay, but a network insider says that for various reasons, producers might scrap the idea of basing the season in Italy.

Instead, they'd shorten the stay abroad and "make it more of a vacation than them actually living there," or abandon the overseas trip altogether.

Which means the duck phone could be back in full effect come Memorial Day.

UPDATE, 4/13: The cast has signed HUGE new contracts and it's ON in Italy!

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i love pauly d and sammie and the wohole cast vinney is cute one


I love Jersey Shore is very cool... Portugal!!!!!


I love jersey shore n speacily pauly d omg he sexy


I love jersey shore!! Wish I could be on the show I'd make it worth wild;)


I'm italian, but I'm with duh : here in Italy
Guys will hit on anything with a vagina, seriusly! And right now Italy is the most stupid country with its stupid rules and governament. So I'm sorry JS won't be played in Florence coz I live there and i'll be soooo happy to see the cast around my house, but if italian governament sucks like that what can we do?!! I wish I lived abroad!


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Never thought the show was about this particular group of people. The original show was a hit because it portrayed a certain sub-group of Italians acting in ways nobody thought possible. From punching girls in the face, fights on the board-walk, the fruits of the labor of this culture of people are completely vein to the point of hopelessness. Tanning, gym, hair product, and shaving one’s body hair encompass this type of people’s ultimate goals in life. The show was enjoyed because people sought laughter in a sub-group of trashy Italians flexing, greasing, and grunting. This particular group of trashy Italians don’t actually possess any talents other than another other from the pool of trashy Italians which they were chosen. Call it DUMB luck. No pub intended.


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I love Jersey Shore and cant wait to wait season 4! I love them all!!!


i can't fuching wait til season 4 im sooooo excited i just started to watch jersey shore i few days ago on tv duck and i cant stop watching it!!!I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

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