Jersey Shore Cast to MTV: Pay Up, Suckaz!

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As we know, the Jersey Shore cast likes to screw anything that moves.

This week, though, they're putting the screws to MTV, refusing to renew their contracts and potentially holding up Season 4 'til they get more cash money.

Sources say the gang knows Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy could be the last go-'round and wanna get paid now before the (really long) 15 minutes end.

Greasy Situation

BEST PAY UP: This could be a bad contract Situation, bro.

Showing surprising self-awareness, the stars realize the joyride that began in late '09 might be coming to an end and want to milk MTV while they still can.

Another disputed point, on top of salary per episode, is the the number of personal appearances, which can pay up to $40,000 a pop but which MTV restricts.

The network is adamant about limiting that kind of exposure from the cast, but the guidos and/or guidettes wanna jump on dat cash like grenades at Karma.

So far, only Ronnie Magro has signed. Could be a lonely trip to Italy for Ron-Ron if the rest don't get on board fast. Filming is supposed to start this month.


I agree, these 8 kids came from nothing & are now making big bucks -20k
Now they have allowed greed to enter their lives which is never a good thing.
As you said, they are replaceable - & yeah the Real World is still going strong.
When greed has set in, to me, you lost your soul.
I would like to point out 1 really important detail, the fact that MTV limits how much their *stars* make on extra/added endorsements .. what's that about MTV?
Maybe if MTV would allow them to seek these other ventures, perhaps these kids wouldn't want more ... Just my take on it


That's Bull***t I think. These people have had such a huge impact, not just for MTV, but for a whole generation itself. I think they deserve the extra pay. Dang, if I was the one signing their paychecks, I wouldn't think once about it. Its history in the making


Please stop hating sorry if you don't like it don't watch it because nobody cares what you think. If you could get paid to party then you would want the most you can get. Besides the Osbornes got paid way more for a much lamer show. Go watch the news since you clearly don't have a sense of humor.


Oh please! These people are getting paid to party, drink, fight with each other and have sex with anything that moves. Plus they have their living expenses and travel paid while filming and they don't even have to buy their own food. I mean really, how much do they think they are worth? What did they get per episode the last 2 seasons, like 20k was the last I heard. Way more than they deserve for doing a whole lot of nothing. They are replaceable by MTV for a whole new cast much like The Real World is still going with new people each season for 20 (give or take) years. Get over yourselves people, you have done nothing to really earn the money you got so far, so just live with it.

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