Happy 4/20 From THG's Top 10 Celebrity Stoners!

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It's 4/20, baby. You know what that means, right? THG does.

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    Fuckk all of them. No one really care if they smoke or not. The only good shit you have here is SNOOP DOGG. And no one cant say shit about that. R.I.P. ;/. He smoked all daay everdaay and thats pridee. & i come here and people really gone talk about Mileyy???. Get the fuck outta here . That bitch aint special & all yaa could do is show some Respectt !


    @Savannah: you sound like a moron. Miley Cyrus is 18, not 8, and the way a person dances CAN NOT make them a whore (by the way, next time only use insults that you're smart enough to spell correctly!) even if the dance move is sexual. Being a whore means either having sex for money or having sex with lots of people in a short period of time. Everyone with common sense knows that.


    IN MY OPINON.: I think miley DOES belong on that list. it does not matter if she did it due to influence of her friends. She STILL DID IT. And i mean, who cares? Everyone does it at one point at their life. Maybe just to try it. Who cares? e.e All i have to say is; FHUCK MILEY! SHES A HORE! xDD
    I Mean, who POLE DANCES on a icecream cart or whatever that was at a concert? -_- what, shes like, 8? o.e


    @Free Britney clearly explained why Miley is on the list.... jeez Miley Fans can be sooo uptight!!

    People who come out and confess that they use drugs and smoke weed are no fun, its those who claim to be so health concious that we enjoy to hear about, l mean who doesnt know Britney and Gaga let alone LiLo do drugs and smoke weed? Thats not news neither is it any fun to hear anymore, LiLo had her days now its just one of those "Oh LiLo is smoking weed... Yeah we know that type of thing", lm sure one day its going to be the same for Miley and we will be like oh my gosh Zendaya or Bella Thorne are smoking salvia!!! Its like if Miley dresses scantily or goes out without a bra who is going to be shocked?? Noone!! We know that that is what she does we get used to it.

    Now, l am just waiting to see what Miley will be wearing for her GypsyHeart Concerts...... I am sure she won't dissapoint me!!


    Umm no kristen stewart,lady gaga and many? And miley just did that one time and due to influence of her friends you shoukd put people who suqort real drugs and constantly take in them. Wow when will people stop being so rude? What have miley done to them? When will they stop portraying her bad and bad? When oh god....


    She definitely does not belong on this list. You could of had more appropriate lists. Such as; Celebrities that lost the most fans in the past year...Celebrities that disappointed the most parents and youngsters in the last year...Celebrities that you would like to see endorse a custom line of bongs. She would easily fit in such lists, but certainly not this one.


    WOW. Where is James Franco on this list? I guess he falls in the "Pineapple Express" category, but he really does deserve his own number!


    WOW totally forgot about Willie!!
    AND TO BLAIZE: You have made a very good point about Miley.


    @free britney:It's totally unfair that you guys not only put Miley Cyrus on this list to begin with, but that you put her as number one. It's so annoying how people always try to pretend that Miley's behvior is worse than everyone else's in Hollywood when it's not. At least what Miley smoked was a legal substance.

    Why isn't cocaine-smoking Charlie Sheen on this list? Why isn't your precious LADY GAGA on this list, hmm? She openly admits to drug use. Where are Lindsay Lohan and your precious BRITNEY SPEARS, hmm? It's obvious that you guys are totally biased against Miley for no reason.


    THG shame on u! u r acting super rude and weird!!! u must be ashamed for ruining her reputation losers!!

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