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Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break these days.

Despite rumors that she landed a role that could help resurrect her career, she was just “fired” as Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations.

LiLo wasn’t officially on board, but was rumored to be starring in the biopic about John Gotti and his days running the Gambino crime family.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Doesn’t look like this door is still ajar for Lindsay, either.

“I promise you Lindsay Lohan is not playing Victoria Gotti,” producer Mark Fiore told E! News today. “Talks have stopped and we are done.”

Fiore emphasized again that “We have no discussions with her.”

Ouch! Apparently, the troubled star’s management pushed for an offer that the producers COULD refuse. Quite easily, as it turned out …

Despite being more of a liability than an asset, Lohan’s camp was pushing for a big payday. More than they were willing to offer, apparently.

Her departure comes a week after she turned up at a press conference in New York to plug the project alongside castmember John Travolta.

Real-life members of Gotti’s family – including Victoria herself, who said Lindsay had the toughness required for the part – were also there.

Lohan’s casting was never official (she acknowledged they had yet to agree to a contract), but it certainly looked like a strong possibility.

We should’ve known better after the Inferno debacle. It’s Lindsay Lohan. Between the probation and everything else, it’s just not worth it.