Dr. Arnold Klein Pulls 180, Says Michael Jackson Did NOT Have Gay Affair With Jason Pfeiffer

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Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's former dermatologist and close friend, has now changed his story about MJ's alleged relationship with Jason Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, Klein's one-time office manager, claimed last year that he had a sexual relationship with Michael Jackson, an assertion that Klein corroborated.

Klein said that Jason Pfeiffer was the only man Michael was ever intimate with, and that Jason was "the love of [MJ's] life." Now? He says otherwise.

Arnold Klein Pic

Pfeiffer met Jackson when he used to work for Klein.

On his Facebook page, Klein (above, left) says that "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous. That story was made up ... "

It did seem a little far-fetched at the time, although, given that Klein personally backed Jason's story up to TMZ, it's hard to know what to believe here.

Klein also scoffs at allegations (indirectly made by Dr. Conrad Murray and others) that he contributed to MJ's death, saying he only tried to help him.

"I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself."


Dr. FrankenKlein the lying ugly monster - yet another leach who preyed on Michael's insecurity instead of helping him. All Frankenklein is interested in is himself - he was having financial problems now he lost his money spinner client, so they made up the gay story because these stupid tabloids pay for scandal stories.


Michael was so not gay! He married two women and was with women. Yes, he did have freindships with boys but they were FREINDSHIPS!


I know that at one time supported this claim. It is rather obvious I would think why he has reversed himself. The only thing important to me here is that this person's credibility is being trashed, when he is not lying. When Klein first supported his relationship, he was friends with this person; he then changed this when the rift occurred. Do I know if they actually had an affair? Of course not; but I do know that Klein stated that his office assistant had been involved in an affair with Michael Jackson. What would have been his motive to do so if he didn't believe it to be true? On the other hand, his motive to make this man into a liar is rather obvious. Again, I do not know whether or not the affair actually transpired.


Michael is completely straight heterosexual man, have the balls to stand by your friend Klein, you ain't got to many friends anyways !!! Michael was not gay but he supported you and equal rights and his work continues to support equal rights throughout this ungly world full of chickens like you...be a man, grow a pair and stand up to these thugs !!!!


I see Cynthia Mcguire found another site to post her lies on. I wish she would disappear for good. Nobody believes her crap anyway. Her stories all change. She claims she never remembered knowing Michael until she heard about his death. I am glad that Dr. Klein finally told the truth, tho. Cynthia, you need to do the same. You need to stop posting your crap! It's all lies and everyone knows it!


What? What kind of crap is this? And Cynthia Mcguire, congratulations! You found yet another site to blog your lies on, but i'll bet by now, no one believes you, no one ever heard of you. Stop trying to infiltrate Michael's fan base! Man, just when we thought you had disappeared!!!


I think Klein is trying to distract people from the fact he had been Michael's main drug dealer, since the 1980's. I guess he is panic stricken about his medical records being seized. Perhaps another one of Michael's "doctors" will be facing charges in court. In Arnold's case, the charges will be for drug dealing.


Does Klein imagine that anyone believed that story anyway - so obviously a betrayal of trust and friendship for money - how ironic this story comes out on Good Friday - there is obviously more than one Judas on form this day!


Klein and Pfieffer made a mint peddling their crap first time round. Everyone in the industry knew it wasn't worth a dime but they rotated it anyway. Now these two trash buckets are back for another bite of the more fame cake, and the world lines up to swallow it whole once more. Ain't freedom of speech grand?


Now you want to tell the truth "DR." Klein?? You knew good and well he never had any gay relationship with ANY MAN!!! I am sure you knew about his girlfriends.And I'm sure you knew about me too!! Why would you back that lying jag off in the first place,knowing it was a bold faced lie? Why??? How could you betray Michael like that??? Then turn around about a year and a half later,and say it was a lie?? If you keep telling lies then taking them back,then how can anyone ever believe anything you say??

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