Charlie Sheen Live in Chicago: Actually a Crowd-Pleaser?

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Charlie Sheen performed, or did whatever it is Charlie Sheen does, in Chicago last night. Unlike his disastrous Detroit show, it was somewhat organized.

The audience actually seemed to respond positively to Sheen and the second leg of the "Violent Torpedoes of Truth / Defeat is Not an Option" tour, too.

Some of the highlights:

  • The crowd starting a "Detroit sucks!" chant, after which Charlie read a poem about how much he hates the city of Detroit. Obviously.
  • An interviewer asking him questions, including about his marriages, during which Charlie called Brooke Mueller a "kidnapper bitch."
  • Charlie trading shirts with a guy who told him to get naked.
  • Charlie claiming he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million dollars. 
  • Charlie saying he was supposed to be in The Karate Kid, until his dad told him to do a lesser film instead. "My dad has great advice."
  • Charlie saying he'd go back to Two and Half Men, but that those who run it are blood suckers (Jon Cryer is a "rock star" however).
  • Charlie reflecting on various partying and rambling off topic a lot.
  • Charlie reading a letter from one of the goddesses. See below.

And with that, the slow-moving train wreck that is Charlie Sheen has left the Windy City for its next destination. We can only sit back and watch.


His "Goddess" did not write that letter.


@Marshall: I think part of him does know that. He just does not care why people watch him as long as they continue to do so. Why people want to spend money to see this "show" is beyond me. My mind keeps going back to the fact that there are children involved in his life and the youngest 2 are not allowed to be alone with either parent without a nanny present and still he is running around the country on this crazy ass tour instead of trying to pull his shit together for them. Those 2 poor little boys don't even have 1 stable parent and instead of working to become that for them this is what he chose to do? Disgusting!


Whether or not that is true or not he is still making a shit ton of money we still love you charlie sheen


Charlie Sheen doesn't realize that the reason people are watching him now is the same reason they rubber neck auto accidents and train wrecks.


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