Charlie Sheen in Detroit: An Absolute Disaster

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Charlie Sheen kicked off his tour in Detroit tonight, and, the actor got violently torpedoed with boos from a crowd that left before the deranged act was finished.

The show started approximately 20 minutes late, as a random comedian came out and told jokes that made Two and a Half Men seem funny. A sample: "Shouldn’t they call the defibrillator a difibra-now?”

Movie clips then played around 9 p.m., two goddesses made out on stage and Sheen finally appeared. He stood behind a podium and said to the crowd: “I am finally here to identify and train the Vatican assassin locked inside each and every one of you.”

That was pretty much the highlight of the evening.

Witnesses at the event said Sheen rambled on incoherently, at one point saying: "They took my awesome children... They took my sometimes bitchin job… And when they thought there was nothing left, they tried to take my titanium heart and brain and spine. But they could not.”

The audience grew restless, boos began to reign down and that's when the actor took to mocking those in attendance.

"I figured Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stories," he said. "I don’t do crack anymore, but this is a good f-cking night to do some crack.”

Many more boos ensued. Reports confirm people began to walk out around this time, to which Sheen taunted: “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.”

Around 10:20, the track Sheen recorded with Snoop Dogg was played. But Sheen had already left the stage and the rapper was nowhere in sight. Said one fan to Entertainment Weekly, after traveling from Toronto for the show:

“He’s making a fool of himself. Is there a bigger loser in the world? He’ll be [begging] Chuck Lorre for his job back by the end of the week.”


"He stood behind a podium ..." Actually, he probably stood behind a lectern. A podium is a platform, as in the medal podium at the Olympics, or a conductor's podium.
"... boos began to reign down..." I wasn't there, but I imagine it was "rain down."


You know, I used to like Charlie Sheen. He was a good actor and a fun guy...Well he lost his fucking mind. I cant believe people paid to see him. In this economy, you are making a rich man richer. He would have to pay me to see him, and I would still have to think about it.


OMG, what a crack head. This man is the poster child for "Just Say NO" ads. I'll be surprised if he makes it through the end of the year before he completely fries his brain or blows it off his shoulders.


Charlie starred on a comedy show but that doesn't make him a commedian. He's finding that out the hard way. Let someone write him a script an he'll deliver his lines just fine. He's not a warlock, he doesn't have tiger blood or Adonnis DNA. He's just a face that can half assed act.


People paying to see him ws quite foolish. Even if he was not batshit crazy. If they expected more than they got it's their mistake. @Kelly: No one is helping him because he will not let them. He has isolated himself from anyone who cares enough to try. It's only going to get worse because his ego will not let him believe something is wrong with him. I find his choice of words very telling. Saying "they took" his kids and his job rather than the much more true statement that he lost them. Two totally diffrent things. It's like me saying someone took my car (implying it was stolen) when in fact the bank repoed it because I did not make payments (which would be my own fault. Hope it never happens tho!) He can't or won't accept any blame for anything. If he ever get's his head back on right he's got a lot of work to do.


I like your specific timeline of events. Did you GO to this concert? And then come back to work and complain about how terrible he was, which should have been obvious before you even arrived? People had better not complain about the recession after spending who-knows-how-much money on this.


And I'm going to see him in DC


I know people work hard for there money and then they jusyt waste it to see that low life


And one other thing think about what hes saying to you his fans by taking your money and giving you nothing in return. Hes basically saying your all fools and laughing at you by taking your hard earned money when we all are the ones that made him famous if it wasnt for every last one of you hed be nothing and yet he plays you like a fiddle and you all eat it up with a spoon and call it good. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! He doesnt deserve your loyalty stop watching him!! Show him what you think of his BS!! Turn your back and forget him.


I cant believe people actually paid to go see this. I wouldnt pay 2 cents to see this fucking trainwreck.


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