Candice Swanepoel: Gaunt or Gorgeous?

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Candice Swanepoel makes Shenae Grimes look like Kirstie Alley. She makes Mischa Barton look like Rosie O'Donnell. When Candice Swanepoel sits around the house, the furniture barely notices.

What we're saying is: Candice Swanepoel is really, really thin.

Concerns regarding this South African model's weight sprung up during a Victoria's Secret swimwear launch this week. Check out two photos of Swanepoel below, comparing her figure with that of Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio in one of them...

Candice Swanepoel Photo
Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, and Adriana Lima

In November, the 22-year-old model admitted to ABC News that she was aware of this issue, saying: "My problem has been more putting the weight on and getting muscle on.. I've been traveling around like crazy. I get skinnier if I'm very busy."

Perhaps she should just take a weekend to gorge at McDonald's in that case.

Do you agree? Do you think Swanepoel is too thin?


Annabelle's comments are exactly right. This model is very young, and her job is to be thin. To me, she looks lean & healthy. No ribs showing, well defined musculature, more than adequate breast tissue. Childhood obesity and diabetes are rising exponentially in our society. I find it very concerning that we are focused on making a heavier & heavier body type the norm, partly by vilifying thin women like this. This model's BMI shouldn't realistically be every woman's goal, but in a healthier culture her weight would be considered closer to normal rather than extreme.


The frou-frou surrounding her right now is RIDICULOUS. Take a good hard look at the two models on either side of her...they are every bit as skinny, just more covered up. Is she thinner than she used to be? Yeah maybe by five pounds. But who the hell cares...she's nowhere near showing all her ribs, she just looks extremely trim. Our body standards today are absurd. I'm a historical costumer and research existing clothing from the 18th century, and almost every gown I've seen would be considered a size 0 or 2. We have an incredibly skewed idea of "normal" in our sedentary, overfed society.


For a model she's not that thin. Plenty of celebs who aren't even models (who, by the way, are required to be thin, it goes with the job) are way thinner. Victoria Beckham, the Olsen twins, Renee Zellweger for example. Then again, some models look downright anorexic (as I'm sure they are, too). She's not even close. (Which is good!)


Looks good to me. Just like some people are born fat some people are simply born skinny. In today's society where over half of the population is overweight, skinny women get picked on for their appearance just as much as overweight women do. Call me old school but I find naturally thin women attractive.


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Candice Swanepoel Photo
Candice Swanepoel is not your average Victoria's Secret model. She's thin. REALLY, REALLY thin. The South African native came under fire... More »
Mooi River, Natal Province, South Africa
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