Witness: Christina Aguilera Still Getting Her Drink On!

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The latest issue of Us Weekly states that Christina Aguilera has hit rock bottom.

But, sadly, that actually does not appear the case.

A witness at Osteria Mozza - the same establishment where Christina and Matt Rutler dined/drank prior to their arrest earlier this month - tells the tabloid the couple returned to that restaurant just three days after their wasted run-in with the police. And?

"She acted as if the arrest never happened," the onlooker says. "When their server offered them dessert, they asked for more wine."

Christina in the Car

Pssst, Christina: Maybe someone else should drive.

Tinger and her boyfriend wised up and took a chauffeured limo home, but a friend is still considered:

"She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn't. She doesn't think things are that bad."


I don't believe that Christina Aguilera went back to the same place where she was arrested for being drunk and got drunk their AGAIN. Nobody's that stupid, not even Lindsay Lohan.


PS I mean he has to be awake for it to count.


Ummm when is she with Max? When he's AWAKE.


NO blaize I am not promoting anorexia but just noticing a HUGE difference even in the last year how much weight she has gained. I know what you mean that she use to be super skinny when she first started but the weight gain now is too much in a short time. Yes, some might be from having a kid but you usally lose that but she didn't. Just makes you think that drinking and over eatting has to do with that, plus stress.


@Urblackcherrybuster: You said she's a whore? If you're too ignorant to know what a word means, then you shouldn't use it. Seriously. You don't have any proof that she's promiscuous or that she has sex with people for money. And just because she's gained a lot of weight and we're used to seeing her super skinny doesn't make her fat. People are so quick to promote anorexia.


people are so stupid its not a crime to fucking drink. and its not like she was the one drinking and driving last month


Oh that last one was hilarious!! Agree 100%!
BTW-not everyone drinks and drives!! I'm 30 and NEVER had a DUI so there!


Hahaha she's turning into a fat sloppy drunken whore! I love it. And Hogzilla is NOT hot. That comment made me vomit in my mouth. Get ur head checked man.


Haha Christina hitting rock bottom? Come on guys go find someone else to talk shit about that is actually messing up... Shes fine and she will be fine.


Yeah, DUI, it's the most common crime in the world, or at least America. Not a big deal really, in fact, I bet you all did it this weekend.
Leave the hot chick alone and let her recover from the Superbowl fail. You'll see a comeback, she'll just have to do some crazy ass Brittney Spears like shit- just don't shave off the hot hair.

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