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Christina Aguilera has just been named a judge on The Voice, NBC's upcoming answer to American Idol. This should be a high time in the singer's career, right?

Wrong. As has been well-documented - from a lyric flub on the world's biggest stage to a recent arrest for public intoxication - Aguilera is suffering a Britney-like meltdown in front of our eyes.

In the latest issue of Star, a friend says Christina has "lost her confidence" since splitting from husband Jordan Bratman.

The Downfall of Christina Aguilera

“She gets terribly sad, and that’s when all the awful memories come flooding back and she ends up numbing herself with booze and food," says the source, who claims Aguilera has gained 40 pounds over the last few months.

Pals believe Aguilera's new boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, has served as an enabler to the troubled celebrity. How will this relationship play out? They are scared to consider the possibility.

"Everyone is worried sick," says this friend. "She needs to get help before something even more serious happens."


My only problem with her weight gain is that u can see it in her face, its one thing when your body gets a little bigger (I've kept on 15lbs from 2 kids) but when your face starts getting bigger you know there's a problem @oreo- yes while moms do need a break once in a while its not ok for a mother to go out drinking all the time like she APPEARS to be doing.
I hope she straightens out soon cuz I really like her.


shes still pretty cute for being festively plump. id hit it


The only reason why people are saying she's 'fat' now is because they're used to seeing Christina Aguilera skinny like she was before she became a mother. But in the real world she's not actually that big compared to the average obese person. It's no wonder why so many women and girls have eating disorders with the way we hyper focus on celebrity weight.


it's such a shame to see her going through this. she has so much talent and she seems to be throwing it all away. and yes, drinking heavily can cause weight gain. i've seen it happen to a few people i know.


@Ginaa & Shannon: Good points. I guess drinking a lot can add weight too. Had not thought of that before either.


She is a single parent now, leave her alone. If she wants to go to the pub let her, every mom needs time out. Sucks that she was with some douche bag that was driving drunk. As for the weight, people eat when they are depressed. She is human, I think we need to remember that about celebs, they are human!


ya she does look like she has put on uneccesary weight... this really sux cuz i always thought she was the one with the good head on her shoulders but now look at her :( she better get it together soon, she has a little boy to think about. @freespirit114- it probably has to do with the amount of stress shes going through too. they arent just saying ew shes getting fat. thats a lot of weight to put on in a short time.


@free, I think what this insider was getting at was maybe she is binge eating? Thats considered a disorder or an illness, right?


why did she divorce her husband again?


Ok,we all get that the woman has a problem with drinking. Big time. But why does this supposed "insider" throw in the remark about her weight? If she gains weight why should that be an issue compared to a drinking problem? Just a thought....

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