Courteney Cox: So Proud of David Arquette!

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Courteney Cox has not gotten the memo. She's a celebrity. She's supposed to split from her husband and then make headlines by bashing him in the press. Date someone else right away. Maybe make a sex tape.

Instead, Cox has said she has no plans for a social life and has continually defended her troubled ex, David Arquette.

She did so again this week during an interview with Extra.

After spending time with the recently-rehabbed actor in Malibu last week, Cox was asked about his recovery. Said the Cougar Town star:

"Oh my God, I'm so proud of him! Best he's ever looked! He's so cute that I'm like, dude, I don't understand. Really?! Why are you that cute right now?"

The former couple will appear together in Scream 4, and it doesn't sound as though promoting the film will be awkward in any way.

"Our communication and the way we are, just learning about each other in a different way, it's smart," Courteney said. "It's weird to be at this age and look at ourselves but it's hard and it's important and I'm glad we are, so I love him."


Courney one good man seeks one good lady like you!! Tracy


Never understood women who take back their cheating husbands. I have little faith in a relationship that the cheater won't do it again. Is sex so cheap that it doesn't mean anything?


i really hope they get back together. i know people seem to think she can do better but why? just cuz shes hotter? thats stupid. hes a dork & she loves it, she just wants him to grow up a little. wishing u 2 the best!!!

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