David Arquette Leaves Rehab

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Described by a friend as being in "great spirits," David Arquette has checked out of the rehab facility he entered nearly four weeks ago.

The decision to seek help stemmed from a run of unusual events, from calling in to Howard Stern (below)and revealing intimate details about his sex life; to partying in Miami with every blonde he could find.

Following a crazy New Year's Eve at the Roosevelt Hotel, Arquette finally sought help for "drinking and depression," a source said, as opposed to "hard drugs." Let's hope he's on the path to recovery.


I really did NOT like the guys giving the interview at the top. They seemed rude and insensitive to him!!! I really really really disliked the part where they got his hopes up saying Courtney was still wearing her wedding ring and then told him that they read it in some trashy tabloid. (that he had insulted only moments earlier) I als did not at all appreciate the jokes that they were making directed at his personal struggles or their jokes about the midgets. They were uncalled for an mean spirited. David I hope that you are doing much better now!! Even his voice seemed to show that he was going through something in this interview. I am glad he has worked it all out now. Hopefully he can fix his marriage too and get back with his wife and little girl!! He did say in the interview that he wants that life back!!


Good job David! I know you were having a really rough time for a while and lost track of things, but none of that matters any more. What is important is that you recognized the fact that you were not at your best and needed some help to feel better. Everyone is happy that you decided to seek this help and let the people you care about into help you feel better in this difficult time. Everyone is so proud of you, keep up the good work, good luck with Courtney (although I don't think it will be too hard to convince her you still deserve her heart). Best of luck with everything, keep your head held high. ALWAYS remember how important you are to many people, and NEVER EVER be afraid to let someone know if you need to talk, and take time for yourself whenever you need and whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.


Good for you man!! Focus on getting your life back where it was now. You deserve good things!!! Great job so far and you still have support


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