American Idol Shocker: Who Got Voted Out?

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Three weeks into the American Idol finals, we were treated to our first surprise. Our first shock, really.


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    Great Post. Really useful information. Ill be back for sure


    I think Scotty and Jaco will go a long way. I think also that they will be the last one there. I just live Scotty and jaco vice.


    All for ratings. The show must be hurting.


    I think that Pia is just amazing, and the only one close to her is Thia. Not keen on the judges at all. They seem to encourage screaming voices, and they are completely over the top with there opinions. The orginal Judges were the best, and Simon you are very much missed. The judges are to sickly for me.


    Shannon you have proven my point about people who don't know beans about the qualities that make a good singer. You are exactly the type of idiot that votes quality off and keeps quanity on....You need to get a life a record deal from Sony ....Yeah right and you turned it down at ten tell me another one like that. So not only are you an idiot you don't have any guts...Those kids on idol have guts...


    One of these days the producers are going to figure out how to stop voting because someone is cute, or more personable and vote acording to talent. The fact that people who do not have the faintest ideal what singing is really all about are voting for people not because of talent but because of popularity. Something needs to be done about this because people who are really talented get cheated and its not a fair assestment of a good singer. Thank God Jennifer Hudson didn't stop because she was voted off. Remember these are peoples dreams so those of you who complain about The kindness of the AI judges a harsh critizism can sometimes rob the world of a great artist. Treat people the way you want to be treated....EA


    This is how it ends on the kinder, gentler Idol. Simon would never have stopped Casey's performance, and would not have used the Save on him. He knows that a shocking elimination is more exciting than a shocking save. I also miss how he used to deliver the Save verdict like the Executioner. Idol is now just a boring, Kumbaya lovefest. All of a sudden, 11 are going on tour. That's par for the new Idol's course. We need the spice, the bite, the drama back. Idol needs SIMON!!!


    I was amazed that Casey was at the bottom. He is, if not, one of the best on that show. There are soooooo many others that are just okay and should have been voted off weeks ago. I'm going to be kind and not mention any names. You can bet on it that I will be voting for Casey every week from this point forward. I didnt vote for him before, for I thought that he would have never been in this situation so early. I also knew if he did end up at the bottom that the judges would save him,which they did! They wouldnt even allow him to sing his song for they all had no doubt in their minds that he is amazing...


    Saving Casey...another example of this season's prejudicial judging on American Idol. They have been promoting Casey, Jacob, and Paul since the auditions. NO! They butcher and over-sing songs and are rarely on key! But the judges couldn't let one of their pets go. Didn't even have to finish his final song. Time for Casey to GO! Hope he gets voted off next week!


    Well i dont know about everyone else,but I just say that Scotty should be the one to go all the way...I so love his voice

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