Casey Abrams is a 19-year old from California who auditioned for American Idol in Austin, Texas. The season 10 hopeful is unique in both...

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During his season 10 run on American Idol, Casey Abrams was anything but predictable. Viewers really had no idea what they were in for each week, as this aspiring singer advanced farther and farther in the competition.

With Casey's first album as a signed artist out today, THG asked what fans can look forward to and he was pretty straightforward: More of the same!

"Expect fun," he said. "There are some singer/songwriter vibes, some upright guitar. A little bit of everything."

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Abrams has remained an Idol viewer since leaving the show ("I feel like I have to be," he says. "It's like a high school reunion each year. I keep going back."), but he's also taken on a new cause: IBD spokesperson.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease affects 1.4 million people, including Casey, who was hospitalized during his time on Idol but hesitant to discuss why.

But he's since joined up with IBDIcons and released a music video that fan club members can view.

"It's more of a common disease than I realized," Abrams said. "It's smart to create awareness about it, so I figured I'd make a music video. Kids watch music videos, right?"

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Casey Abrams, a THG favorite from this past season of American Idol, is currently touring the nation with Scotty, Lauren and other season 10 finalists. But he's doing a lot more than that, too.

He's working with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, helping to bring attention to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, the condition that almost forced him to withdraw from Idol. In the following exclusive interview, Casey speaks on his hospitalization, the tour and this important cause...

 Casey Close Up

Tell us about your hospitalization during Idol. How close were you to dropping out?
I was extremely close, I had to miss one episode because I didn't have enough blood in my system. And after that I was in and out of the hospital for the next three weeks.

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One of their own won it all on season 10.

But before Scotty McCreery was crowned champion, the male finalists from the last few weeks took to the stage.

First, Casey Abrams joined Jack Black for a duet of "Fat Bottomed Girls," later previewing what he hopes to be a successful career and saying: “I think it would be weird to collaborate with Ke$ha. I think something along those lines. I’d like to collaborate with Esperanza Spalding... some jazz musicians that are very obscure."

Casey also joined Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone and others in a Tom Jones medley, which prefaced this legend coming out and singing his signature hit. Check out the performances below and then vote in our poll...

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Casey Abrams may have been voted off American Idol, but he's still trying to be a force on the show, telling his fan base to vote Haley and vote often!

Abrams has been telling friends, family and hometown supporters in Idyllwild, Calif., to stay united and send Haley Reinhart through to the final four.

Casey denies being in a romantic relationship with Haley, but last week referred to her as a "special musical friend." Translation: TOTES hitting that.

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JAZZED UP: Casey and Haley may or may not be dating, but he wants to make sure Reinhart has a date to perform in the next round of American Idol.

Abrams was ousted last week in a bit of a surprise, as many viewers felt Jacob Lusk would be the next to pack his bags. But the votes are the votes.

Regarding America's rejection of him, Casey has been humble from the start and says the five contestants remaining were just better than he was.

We have a hunch which of the five he thinks was the best ...

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Humble until the end, Casey Abrams recently spoke on his elimination from American Idol.

The bearded crooner told MTV he had a feeling his name would be called on Thursday night. Not because he did poorly, but because he was so impressed by his competitors.

Strumming on a Stool

My performance was pretty good," he said. "But seeing Jacob kill it and then seeing Haley kill it, seeing Scotty and Lauren kill it and Durbin obviously... it just made me feel like, 'These guys are incredible. These guys could carry the show. I don't really need to be here, so if I go home tomorrow, I'm prepared.'"

On a personal note, Casey's goodbye to contestant Haley Reinhart - which included a kiss - forced him to clear up all rumors about the two dating. He just refers to her as his "special music friend."

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Grammy-winner Bruno Mars, last season's finalist Crystal Bowersox and the departing Casey Abrams all performed live on American Idol on Thursday night.

While Casey's elimination was another surprise in a season packed with unexpected American Idol results, he enjoyed a nice run and proved worthy of a save.

Unfortunately, the judges couldn't bail him out a second time last night.

Watch Casey go out in style with his jazzy swan song, "I Put a Spell on You," followed by the performances of Bruno and Crystal below ...

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Wednesday on American Idol, Casey Abrams picked "Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)" from Carole King's catalog - a song made famous by Blood, Sweat & Tears.

While there was no blood, sweat or tears on the stage (well, maybe a little sweat), there was plenty of passion from Casey, who remains a unique performer.

"You always keep this show different," Randy said. "I'm excited every time you're up there, because I know I'm going to see something different."

"It's like this song was written for you."

He may not win this competition, but every week he sticks around, the Ace of Bass proves more and more deserving of the controversial  judges' save.

Later, Casey and Haley Reinhart dueted on "I Feel The Earth Move." Did it move for you after listening to their rendition of this King classic? See below:

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Casey Abrams' rendition of "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 was alright last night. He's got a little funk to him, enough to do Adam Levine justice out there.

The vocals were mediocre at times, but give him credit for not holding back on the performance. He ended the song right in front of J. Lo - and kissed her.

Steven approves. "You did what I've been trying to do for two months!" he said.

Jennifer Lopez actually blushed, too. "I loved it," she says. "The performance!"

Did you? Watch it below and vote on how it ranked among last night's efforts:

Who was the best last night among the American Idol Top 7?

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"It's hard to find a song that defines me as an artist." - Casey Abrams

These American Idol kids are getting frisky. Like James Durbin, Casey butted heads a bit with producer Jimmy Iovine regarding his selection Wednesday.

Jimmy nearly talked Abrams into doing Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," but he went with his gut and that meant channeling a little Nat King Cole.

Iovine wasn't pleased, but the judges give a standing ovation after a intimate, stripped down performance that Casey really put his heart and soul into.

Whether "Nature Boy" defines him as an artist remains to be seen. But Abrams fans surely loved this and many people on the fence likely did, too ...

Was it the best of the night? If not, who was? Vote after the jump:

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Casey Abrams, who was voted off American Idol the first week of the finals, only to be bailed out by the judges, is doing his best to prove himself worthy of the save.

The stripped-down version of Credence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" he performed last night should keep him around another week for sure.

His energy and playing the stand-up bass in a cool, jazzy arrangement more than compensated for high-pitched vocals that were a little over the top at times. 

Do you agree? Watch his performance below ...

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Casey Abrams Promo Pic Casey Abrams is a 19-year old from California who auditioned for American Idol in Austin, Texas. The season 10 hopeful is unique in both... More »
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