Which Cast Member is Exiting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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There's a 99% chance that one cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will NOT return for season two.

But sources don't identity this individual as Camille Grammer, with an insider telling E! News: "Camille is coming back; she just wants the public to feel sorry for her a little longer because of the whole Kelsey thing, so she's not announcing it yet."

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Yup. That sounds about right.

So, who is almost definitely departing the Bravo series? Kim Richards.

"There is so much more going on than what was shown on TV," the source says of Kim's televised struggles. "There was a lot of tension building up over the years, [Kim and Kyle] have a complicated relationship."

The aunt of Paris Hilton is having major problems with drinking, this insider adds, concluding:

"It's a problem. She just won't show up to events or functions she is supposed to be at, and no one can get a hold of her. It's really affecting her relationships to those closest to her."

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This is for Kim, I was concerned about her little dog. Have the doctors checked him for Demodectic Mange? We had a little Schnauzer that had mange and it looked just like her dog. At the time there was no cure but our vet put, I believe it was, an insecticide on him and it cured him. Good Luck,


come on...if its "Real housewives" than there is 2 that is not married. WIth that being said though, I would really hate to see any of them leave. I think the whole Kyle and Camille need to drop the whole New York thing. My god get over it and move on....It seems to me that camille will not let it go for some reason.


Don't leave Kim! Your sister treated you like a piece of S#it and I hate her for that!! Good luck and peace in your life whatever you do.


you all need lives!!ABC I LOVE YOU!!!


You're all idiots.


@ capri is a whore: Not that I really give a rat's ass... but, based on your logic of being divorced exempts Camille from returning, perhaps you can tell us Kim's current husband's name. Better yet, why was she even in the show in the first place???


Lived in Atlanta for years. They aren't like any REAL Atlanta housewives I ever knew.


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how can fucking retarded Camille come back??? shes fucking divorced.....therefore shes not a "house wife". So fuck off Camille. no one gives a fuck about your shitty fucking life and your ugly fucking face. Fuck. Off.