THG Week in Review: February 19-25, 2011

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Welcome to THG's Week in Review! Below, our staff takes a look back at the stories, stars and scandals that made this week one of the year's most memorable.

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This guy is a great example of the Hollywood elite. Martin Sheen must be real proud of himself. This guy is an over aged idiot that never really matured because of who brought him up. You can only blame so much on drugs & booze. This guy has the personality of a jackass. My hat is off to CBS. Charlie Sheen will end up face down dead as a result of an overdose, in a mental ward, or severly beaten because he could't keep his mouth shut!!! Its a sad that we live in a time where people are barley keeping a roof over there head and food on the table and are struggling and you have an idiot like this, that doesn't apprecaite his talents that he has been blessed with. I hope one day he gets a major reality check.


Apparently the hollywood media whores feel that they are above our laws. Every day we see or hear of one who has blatently broken laws, yet come up with ridiculus excuses. Where else will an apparent thief, or druggie out of control who knows what he or she did, simply tell a judge that she will not to go to jail if convicted, except in hollywood or New York??
Excuse me, but the only thing that will cure them of this mentality is some time in the lock-up, where they will learn what the real world is. I wish Lindsay a happy visit to a dreeary, unholy world for a fw months, or years.


Go all the way
are very talented....
Best Wishes