Beyonce in Blackface: Artistic or Awful?

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Featured in the 90th anniversary edition of French fashion magazine L'Officiel Paris, Beyonce finds herself at the center of a new controversy.

The singer/actress poses for the publication in African-inspired dresses and jewelry, honoring that region's artistic influences around the globe. But she also paints her face black, a move that has been met by criticism. In response, the magazine has released a statement that reads:

"The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season. As for the artistic make-up, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring."

Watch the following, behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial and then give your opinion on the scandal below.

What do you think? Beyonce in blackface is...


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Just because she's black herself doesn't make it any more acceptable for her to wear that makeup. I can't fucking stand that bitch, her music is awful and she is completely over-sexualized.


Fuck dat hoe she aint black she need to die a horrible death she is a disgrace to black people everywhere i hate that cum dump ass bitch i hope jigga is cheating and beatin dat ass on a daily basis she nt real n nt gangsta fuck dat dumb ass whore even if he wuz her 1st she cheated on him shes a low class whore n she goin str8 to hell rhe aint n my race!


why is her bra and chest exposed? Why is beyonce always exposing her body for once cover up your body. The world always sees your breast and your behind hanging out, when is she going to become more classy.Your a maried women who is approaching 30 cover up.


Wow...some people can be so harsh and so dumb at the same time. I think she looked great in that photo shoot, as to the black paint I'm sorry I do not think it had to do with anything about her wanting to look more black I think it was as stated for the photos she did, lots of models do photos with artistic make up on and that is what that was as I see artistic. She looked very very beautiful in those pictures. Some of you people need to see the whole picture in what those were not in the thought of her trying paint herself more black so stupid!


Anita, did you really just say, "Beyonce looks scary,ugly and unattractive she should hve gone for wat fits her cos black paints is mostly for black girls." Are you serious or are you just an idiot because last time I checked, Beyonce was indeed, black. Maybe not in the sense of colour but ethnically, she's black so what exactly are you getting at? Are you imply that she is ugly, unattractive etc etc because her skin colour is darker than normal? Then again, you're an idiot and should do the world a favour and refrain from commenting ever again.


I don't think its offensive. I do think its offensive that people thinks she is unattractive because her face is darker. This shouldn't be an issue in 2011, we have other things we need to be worried about.


I think the face paint looks great in these pics and she is of african heritage somewhere down the line like it or not.


How can this be degrading to African Americans when she is African American?? Anytime you see anything about African culture on TV or in a magazine there is always face paint and a lot of times the color black is involved. I'm not African American so maybe I'm missing something, but I think this is just another thing for people to be "offended by". I think Beyonce looks stunning as always and the magazine did a great job portraying African fashions and culture.


It's offensive. She need not paint her face that dark to bring out the Africaness in the modeling. After all there are Africans who are as fair as she is, and still look very African. it was very unnecessary!!!


I seriously don't get it. And why is race always pulled into this? Seriously, it's a fashion editorial shoot that was inspired by African tribes. Would you guys have preferred it if her entire body was blackened?
People are way too PC nowadays.