Lindsay Lohan to D.A.: Take Your Plea Bargain and Shove It!

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As expected and as reported earlier, Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made a plea bargain offer to Lindsay Lohan's lawyer in chambers this morning.


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    @ Bretsangel - why should she be cut some slack??? Go back into her past and see just how much SLACK SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN.


    She DID steal the necklace, she DID abuse her probation and she DOES disrespect the court by dressing the way she does. The court has a dress code, why is she above it?? She also DOES NOT REALLY BELIEVE that she could go to jail. I KNOW she is thinking that at the end of the trial she will just receive a fine or slap on the wrist like most of the celebrities in the past and therefore has nothing to worry about. She also DOES NOT REALISE THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE CASE. Why is it taking such a long time for her to GROW UP??? From the way she runs her life you would think she was still a kid.


    LL isn't taking this serious at all. When they cuff her and take her away then maybe she will. She is disrespecting the court by wearing hooker attire. Why is the judge allowing her to dress in this manner? Here in Houston they have strict dress codes for court and if you violate that code you are sent home and given a failure to appear citation. I'm wondering why at her young age her breasts are down to her waist?!?


    Glad to hear it. She needs to do some time for all she's done. Might mature her into a decent human being, and if not, well - at least she did her time.


    I was reading that stores often loan out jewelry to the stars, but they usually have them sign a paper stating "it's a loan, not a gift". I find it hard to believe they would loan out such an expensive item without having sign something.


    Her outfit was again disrespectful with the cleavage. She has no sense and apparently doesn't listen to her lawyer.

    Shawn is hoping against hope Blair Berk with take her back so she can be rid of this mess.


    She needs to do the time, she did the 'CRIMES'.

    Don't know why she can't get her act together, ridiculous.
    She can't complete a probation from 2007 without several violations.


    I'm still hoping they will cut this former child star some slack. I can see where the D.A. would be out to get her just to make an example out of her but I think she could do more good out of jail than in. Put her on house arrest with Charlie Sheen and film it for reality television. Have Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz come in and check on them to make sure they don't kill each other and be done with it. Or maybe let them kill each other and show it on national television. Either way it will make the 6 pm news.


    I've seen more respectfully dressed streetwalkers in downtown Atlanta. Why, oh why can this girl not bear to put those things in a sling and cover them up once in awhile?


    It took this long for them to request a psyche evaluation?

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