Tonya Harding Welcomes Baby Boy!

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Notorious figure skater, criminal and amateur sex tape star Tonya Harding welcomed her first child last weekend, according to reports. Congratulations!

Harding, 40, gave birth to a boy on Saturday in a Washington hospital.

"Everybody's healthy and happy," friend Don Horn tells the Oregonian.

This time, there are only tears of joy for Tonya.

"She's always wanted a baby. She was told she could never have a child ... and guess what? It really is a miracle and she really is very happy."

It's the first child for Tonya Harding and Joseph Price, who recently wed.

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wow. i've only herd of her from world's dummest. i didnt know she was like that.


Good luck to her & her husband....I hope their baby will have some of her genuine drive & raw athletic talent!! I think Tanya learned her lessons well.


I think the pic is great! This is exactly how she should be remembered: as a sniveling, infamous scumbag!


Why use such a horrible, outdated photo of her? I notice there's no "Get this look" tag on the photo this time. I guess it can be safely assumed that nobody reading this would want to get that particular look. Big surprise there! Yes, I don't think wearing a hideous skating costume is in my future, either. Plenty of that in my past, but mine weren't so tacky and ugly. Poor girl, she has a baby and this is the photo selected to accompany the story? That's almost as spiteful as organizing a damaging hit to the knee of your rival competitor,huh, Tonya? How does that suit you now?


Awwwnn :) Im Haappy Foor Heer :D


I nwish you much joy and happiness and a healthy baby.
Good Luck


Why run this old ugly photo from 20 years ago? Just to make fun of her? That's mean-spirited and not cool. Congratulations, Tonya, on the birth of your new baby. I wish you all the best.