Miley Cyrus: Helping in Haiti

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Engaged in a feud at home with her father, Miley Cyrus has reportedly jetted down to Haiti.

Sources close to the star say she is spending time in the ravaged nation, helping citizens recover from last year's earthquake. She is involved with Sean Penn's The J/P Haitian Relief Organization and posed for the following photo outside her hotel in the country:

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There's not much else to report on the topic, but it's worth noting. This is a legitimately admirable cause and applaud Miley for taking such initiative.


i just think she is trying to do her job as a colleger .


i doubt it. shes probs just on a shopping trip. or its a green screen. publicity.


@VampFreak101 hahah I agree. @anonymous you obviously have noting better to do with your life that your fighting over Miley Cyrus. I honestly cant stand Miley and I do think she's only helping Haiti so she can have something good under her name but i'm not going to continiously comment to the people who disagree with me or try to bash on me for being a "hater". You said your opinion now let it go. Theres really no point in fighting with people because its not going to get you anywhere.




Miley's doing the best she can Love ewww..miles..n yeah m not..afraid ..too..say m i agree..wid..Msthebeatmaker comment..really good..1..


I dont like her or hate her but i think she is doing a gud job


@anonymous what ever gets you out of this page. Ladies and gentlemen the big black elephant has left the building.


Wow first good thing she ever does!!!

agree with me or not ?


look I'm not saying this because I love hannah mntana
I have nothing against her
and people who hate her are quite jealous
but i don't like her and i don't hate her
but people go get a life and join it
You write all this because you think she is going to give her email adres or her number but you wron because she is not gonna do that
she only give them tto stars
and she is helping in haiti good job girl but she is helping in haiti so i love her now a little bit more


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