Mel Gibson Worried Oksana Might Skate

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Mel Gibson isn't nearly as worried about being charged with domestic violence as he is about his baby mama NOT being charged with extortion, TMZ reports.

Either Mel believes he won't face a domestic violence charge or he just feels that strongly Oksana Grigorieva tried to bilk him, but that's where his mind is.

He believes there is more than enough evidence to prove Oksana used the explosive Mel Gibson rants as leverage to score a $15 million payday last May.

Not Okay Oksana

MOTHER OF ALL BREAKUPS: They don't get any worse than this.

However, he fears politics of prosecution could get in the way. As for the alleged violence, he claims he only slapped her once - to protect their daughter.

Oksana's ex Timothy Dalton may testify against Gibson, reports suggest, but the credibility of Oksana has been called into question on many occasions.

The D.A. is currently mulling over the two case files, with the investigation having wrapped last week. So far, no decision has been made regarding either.

The couple is also actively engaged in a custody fight over Lucia, 1.


Pfft! What will TD testify to: that he abused Ox face like she said he did in her email? OR that he did NOT abuse Ox face like she said he didn't in her interview with the pap? Either way: SHE LIED. She is a liar. IF TD saw any bruise at all, it was most likely the botox bruise she tried to push off as 'a black eye from Mel hitting her'. What crap! See Chris Brown and Rhianna face--THAT face was hit. Ox's face was NOT hit.


Its not rocket science to figure out, from what all has been reported, she extorted Mel Gibson.
She deserves jail!


We love you Mel Gibson, we pray for you each and everyday. Stay strong to your beliefs, dont let this world change you.

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