Timothy Dalton to Testify Against Mel Gibson?

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Before Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva dated James Bond star Timothy Dalton, with whom she also has a child. The two still communicate - about Gibson, in fact.

According to reports, Grigorieva told a lawyer that Dalton will testify against Gibson in their case, revealing potentially damning evidence against the actor.

Da O.G.

In the battery and extortion investigations into Gibson and Grigorieva, she alleges he punched her and that "Tim" saw a bruise on her left eye after the fact.

"Tim saw a bruise on my left eye as well as Mady," Oksana said, referring also to her facialist and Dalton, the father of Grigorieva's teenage son Alexander.

"Both will testify," she added, noting: "Facts and witnesses."

If Gibson is charged with domestic abuse, the idea of Dalton - the subject of one of many Mel Gibson rants - testifying in court would make for a spectacle.

The revelations about Dalton, taken from Oksana's emails to an ex-attorney, came a day after we learned her desire to call his bluff and take her chances.

The e-mails, texts and documents uncovered in a Radar Online investigation reveal that over the course of last year, Grigorieva has also claimed:
  • That a furious Mel once flew from Costa Rica to "spy" on her
  • That he jealously accused his own friends of hitting on her
  • That she told two other doctors she was "hit by a man"
  • That she emailed a lawyer the night Mel allegedly hit her
  • That she also telephoned three friends - "Jimmy" and "Alicia and Robert Seidler" - the same night, who advised her to call the police
  • That she told Jimmy Mel was "threatening to come and kill me"

While the Russian musician has battled repeated claims she has changed her version of events, or is trying to bilk Mel for cash, the D.A. will ultimately decide whether her account is credible and what, if any, charges will be filed.


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hello i will be really nice to say that mel gibson should not be dating another woman as he should be thinking about his kids little along dating someone who has a child already and then slandering someone elses child. he should think about his own kids then maybe he would not like someone talking to his like that. and besides he should act his age and grow up a little bit. besides he is destroying his acting career by being like that and i do not blame timothy for defending the lady and his son any parent would who love thier kids i certainly would anyway. good luck on thier case. sincerely jenney


Simone, I totally agree. She was adorable. It's a shame that she felt her face needed improvement. Many women would love to look like she did before her plastic surgery. Accept what God gave you people. Now she looks like a crazy eyed duck. Sad.


She looked really pretty before all the plastic surgery wow


And boy, she sure likes boning celebrities and conceiving their children, doesn't she. Never had a kid by a common man? How odd!!!


"Facts and witnesses." Facts and witnesses means someone saw him hit her, not someone saw a bruise after the fact. Her attorneys are shooting blanks and should know better.


Why oh why with everyone one advising her to call the police over and over again, did she wait until after she did not get the money she wanted to file DV Charges. And why did all these friends and lawyers and Doctors not call the police if they believed she was in danger and not take action, if not to protect her, but to protect the children. Hey Hollywood change your name to Idiots.


What a joke this is an old email. It's too bad Dalton didn't file a restraining order and grabbed his kid and whisked him to safety like any decent father would have. The guy's a joke, how embarrassing that his kid's mom got involved with a hot headed bigot like Gibson, he should have seen it coming. Oksana's a moron to think she can muster respect by floating names that might bring some respectability to the f-ed up situation that she created. All it does is cast serious doubt on TimD through his association with her and draw attention to his lack of the most basic of responsible actions as a parent. That kid's going to need some serious shrink time.

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