Gabriel Aubry Accused of Berating, Insulting Halle Berry

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Those close to Gabriel Aubry say this Canadian model has been forced to take Halle Berry to court because he fears her jealous rage over his dating life will result in less time spent with the couple's daughter, Nahla.

As reps for the two sides exchange public barbs, it's been unclear why Berry says she "has serious concerns" over Aubrey's interactions with the two-year old. Until now.

Battling for her Baby

For more on Halle Berry's battle with Gabriel Aubry, read this People cover story.

In the latest issue of People, Aubry's former business partner, Stephane Bibeau, describes his ex-friend as "vindictive" and says: "Once they broke up, he became verbally threatening to Halle."

Insiders tell the magazine and TMZ these threats included the use of the "N word" and other slurs.

Explains one friend of Aubry's:

"From the beginning, Halle kind of had the upper hand because she was essentially supporting all of them for the most part. Gabriel never liked how that felt. Their split was tough because they're both so involved in raising Nahla, and neither ever wanted to give that up."

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Halle is beautiful, and sweet, but just like Lady Diana, she is screwed up. She wants to be told she's beautiful all the time, she wants total attention, she nags, argues, and enjoys being in control. Gabriel is a user. He has no real money and he tries to get together with women who have money or connections that can help him further his career. He more than likely used a racial slur in the heat of the moment but so did Lucy to Desi Arnaz. Halle will woo a man then try to control him with sex or money. A man does not like being treated like a robot whereby a woman lock the bedroom door unless she wants sex. Cold, frigid, drama queen.
I like the girl, but there is something wrong with women who are beautiful like Halle who can't keep a man. I hope she doesn't let one person using racial slurs stop her from dating other caucasian men. Her mother is white, he child looks white, she should settle down with a white man. Of course if she pick another race, that's okay too.


Personally I feel sorry for all involved, they both need to re-think things and settle this out of the public eye and court for there daughter's sake.


I'll never stop loving Halle. So beautiful!


I think that Halle has a problem with her selection process. It's been documented that women whose fathers were abusive, tend to seek the same type of man in their romantic relationships. Something about subconsciously trying to fix a broken childhood. She does not choose well. Halle, the next time you are instantly attracted to a man - run! Because more than likely he's just like the others. Work on yourself to understand why you continue to choose cruel, vindictive, abusive men. I support you Girl.


Halle Berry's a liar. Poor Aubrey should have noticed that Halle Berry trashes EVERY man who dumps her - and they've ALL ended up dumping HER!! She may be pretty on the outside but there's something VERY, VERY wrong on the inside. Hell hath no fury like a scorned, OLDER woman. Every man Halle's dated has been smeared by her after the break up. She's just a vindictive woman because Aubrey didn't want her anymore and on top of it, went with younger women. Halle of all people to try to play the race card is despicable. She's pathetic and needs some serious psycho, er, psychiatric help.


I cannot trust everything that is coming out from the Her side, she has done that before against the 1st Husband, he fought back because he had the resources. Against the 2nd husband and got away with it because he did not had the resource to fight back. I hope this guy has the resources to fight back or this lady will take him to the cleaner with bad publicities. She is an expert in it.


aubry do not play with black woman .shame on you for using n word , iam disappointed in you, i thought you are a nice guy to her , but it seems black people are still being humuliated because of our colour.let god be the judge .if you did use n word , ask her for forgiveness, but if you dont , you can call her aside to settle this, without court .if she is jealouse , she is right , may be part of her still want you .you can still torch her heart for a change


Why doesn't she stay at home with her kid instead of going out all the time with that new French boyfriend? She seems to have so much time for him for such a caring mother!


Halle, you not that innocent.


I hope it's not true & that he didn't say those things. If he did, then he is a scum. But something tells me that Halle has problems of her own. One guy beat her & made her deaf, next guy Atlanta baseball player supposedly smacked her, 3rd guy was a cheating sex addict, now she difficult to live with maybe?

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