Halle Berry Preps for Custody Battle

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It's come to this for Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry: the former couple, who appeared to split so peacefully last year, will soon head to court to sort out a custody arrangement over daughter Nahla.

Indications of a sour relationship kicked off in late December, when Aubry asked a judge to legally declare him the two-year old's father.

About a week ago, meanwhile, sources revealed that the Canadian model was legitimately worried that Berry would deny him access to their child. The insider cited Halle's rage over Aubry's most recent flings as a basis for this concern.

Mother and Nahla

Now, Berry has dropped out of the movie New Year's Eve, as she prepares for a long battle in court with her past lover. Says her rep:

"She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention."

It's unclear what options are on the table - shared custody? full custody? - but this rep makes it sound like Berry has little intention of letting Aubry get remotely close to Nahla.

"Halle has serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her," he says.

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She is in the news as much as Jennifer Aniston. I am sick of both of them.


All these comments are funny. Lololol. Do any of you know these people. This is a personal situation. You're funny.


Halle should be grateful that Gabe wants to be in the childs life. There are so many dead beat dads out there, that dont want to be in their childs life & dont pay child support. Shes only hurting her daughter. Its really sad that the children get caught up in their parents anger toward each other.


I see Halle playing the blame game again but Gabriel is going win this fight. She just wanted a baby by a handsome white man.


I did not think that Halle had a mean spirit in her body but I have, over the past few months, seen another side to her which is not pretty at all. Aubrey is the father and obviously loves his daughter very much and therefore has the right to see her as well as have 50% custody. What is Halle's problem with Aubrey having other women in his life? It certainly did not take her long to replace him with the Frenchman. Did she really think that he was going to cover himself in ashes? I hope not. Halle should get her act together and not deprive him of having access to his daughter because one day Nahla will confront her mom and want to know why Aubrey had so little access to her because I don't care what Halle thinks, Nahla will always love her dad. Halle should put Nahla first.


I wish that if Halle Berry really did have "...serious concerns for her daughter's well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time..." that she would have thought of that BEFORE chosing HIM to be the father to her child. It's NOT fair to the father or to the child. I REALLY wish people would stop making their children suffer because of their own "crap" and issues. Messed up children become messed up adults who then have messed up children who then ....you get my point. I honestly dont care what Halle or her child's father want or get, I only hope that their beautiful innocent daughter gets NOTHING less than the best and lives happily ever after!


I think Berry is being incredibly selfish. It seems to me that she's got a new boyfriend and has decided that her child's father is in the way. I think she should accept that she cannot control this situation as much as she'd like. If she cuts her daughter off from her REAL father, the child will only hate her when she's older - I've seen it happen. Berry needs someone to give her a reality check and make her understand that what she's doing is cruel beyond words. It seems she's going for custody NOT because she's 'worried about her daughter's safety' but because her ex wants to be LEGALLY recognised as her daughter's father; Berry doesn't want this as she will no longer have total control.....very, VERY selfish lady.


Halle u re being selfish,u can't want to keep d child to urself,let d father in becos u did not make her by urself.

Wv peach

She's such a cute little girl! Surely Halle considered this issue before using Gabe as a sperm donor. Did she just expect him to walk away from his child? Alas, each parent will be required to make sacrifices, but Halle's will be tried in the court of public opinion. Hopefully all will work out in the best interest of the tot.