Michael Jackson Killed HIMSELF, Dr. Conrad Murray Will Argue in Court

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We've been wondering ever since he was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson how Dr. Conrad Murray would try to explain it away.

Now we know: He plans to argue that MJ did himself in.

Murray's legal defense will hinge on the argument that the pop icon gave himself the fatal dose of Propofol, a hospital-grade anesthesia authorities say killed him.

The defense will argue how Michael Jackson was a long-time Propofol addict, and that "Michael liked to push it" via IV, to the point of going to extreme measures.

His argument will attempt to establish that Jackson's own reckless behavior was the cause of his death, and refute that Murray covered up evidence in the case.

The doctor's story of the Jackson death timeline is likely to play out as such:

Bad Doc

What really happened June 25? Only Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray know for sure, and the latter has a markedly different version of events than the LAPD.

  • Around 10:50 a.m. on June 25, Dr. Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson 25 mg of Propofol from a 20 ml bottle, which is only about 1/8 of the bottle.
  • The dose Dr. Murray administered would keep someone asleep for only 5-10 minutes, but the Propofol, along with Ativan and Versed already in MJ's system, had a synergistic effect that put Jackson to sleep for a longer period.
  • For the next hour, Dr. Murray stayed in the room and was on the phone much of the time. He didn't leave the room to make the calls because MJ liked activity in the room, regularly sleeping with the lights on and the TV blaring.
  • Around noon, Murray left the room for approximately two minutes to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, the defense believes Jackson suddenly woke up, frustrated he had spent nearly nine hours trying in vain to sleep.
  • The defense theory: MJ took the 20 ml bottle of Propofol, self-injected the remainder of it via IV and caused a massive overdose, stopping his heart.
  • Dr. Murray found Jackson with eyes open and pupils dilated, dropped the phone (he was speaking with girlfriend Nicole Alvarez) and performed CPR.

What do you think of this theory by Dr. Conrad Murray? Is it at all legitimate, or is he just grasping at whatever legal straws he can find at this point?


Hello dis iz to keep d memories of MJ alive. Am a fan of MJ nd av listened to what so many people av said, nd to all they av said bt few were correct nd dat means, let no one be blamed 4 the death of our beloved pop star MJ, for all dat happin God knws about it, nd if it wsn't his (MJ) time to die it wouldn't av happen so ma conclussion iz that what had happened had happened so let no one be blamed nt even the Doc. One tin i want us all to knw iz dat MJ might had been death but his (M.J) memories still live in us nd Micheal song still reign, i love u Micheal d tears in my eyes stil wonder why u leave us so soon, 1 lv 2 all ma people in Akwa ibom state, Nigeria i lv ya all.


This Michael Jackson killed himself by accident because of his drug habits and nobody is to blame - not his doctor --- get that


michael jackson was the greatest person ever to hell with that stuiped frigin doctor who killed him!!! how dare that crazy ***** ******* do that!!!!! i will forever remember him!!!! R.I.P. :( XXXXXX-TO HIM


when i larent that mj died i was shork becs i never believe that he is going to leave both what he do and what he has within him just like that but, i now think deep down in my self to see what coul have killed him then i now listen to my inner spirit how he spoke to me and this are things that he says about mj. Mj only choos to spend only 50years on earth but he had warning that he must make use of the time he has wisely so, the Dr. Did'n kill him and mj didnot killed himself. And no 1 on earth should ever repect what mj did. Always accept what you are madeof becs God is whacthing every 1 of us do not play God he his not your mat he his graeter than the graetest solet us always remember the good man Mj good bye.


Michael forever!!why killed he is slif?no! because he love chlidner and others.. so why.i sure killed king of pop dr murray.he is gossip too wuch olways Love him Love liver forever.missing,


I was so gutted when Michael Jackson died in June 2009, one day at New Struan last year, I showed my previous teacher Michelle Toner a videoclip of Family Guy where the the singer shot his groin off which I laughed at but it shocked Michelle.


Nobody should be blame for the death of micheal, but I must say that micheal was destined to die like that.


I think we will never know the truth. I don't think MJ would have been able to do 5o concerts. Maybe he became aware of this when he started rehearsing for the tour. Whatever happened during that night in his bedroom, i think the doctor is to blame. Murray left his practice to care about Jackson. For the enormous amount of money he was paid, he should have watched his patient every second and make sure he was in good condition. Murray accepted the money, but was negligent in his work, so we have lost the world's best and most talented performer.


the doctor is giult hi took poisen pills on mj


I have been a huge fan of michael since i was 15 years old, im now 41. I have followed his music with much admiration to the genuine super star he was, ive been to his concerts all over europe, the uk and the states and i followed his court cases very closely. I think, without never actualy meeting him, i feel i know michael the man very well. Believe me, he did not kill himself, it angers me he would say such a thing. He had far to much to live for plus his beautiful children. The doctor was the one who actualy killed him but it was the money grabbing bastards that he surrounded himself with that made it all happen. I was due to see 20 of his concerts at the 02, but if im honest i did wonder if he'd ever be able to do so many. Let the police and the courts do their jobs and justice will prevail in the end. Rest in peace michael my love, your music will forever live on and you will forever be known as the worlds only true super star x

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