Dina Lohan Rails Against Glee Again

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If you watched last night's Glee, you knew as soon as Katie Couric's hilarious cameo was over that Dina Lohan would be whining by close of business Monday.

Like clockwork, a "friend" of Dina's (apparently, she has one) says she is "hurt and shocked" by the show's latest jab - this time at Lindsay's mom directly.

Glee, which took shots at Lindsay earlier this season via Gwyneth Paltrow's guest character, and its "constant teasing" have downright offended Dina now.

If you don't watch Glee, here's the long and short of it: Katie (as herself) interviewed Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester after she had been named Loser of the Year.

As Katie recounted all the losers Sue bested out for the title, Dina Lohan's name was among them. She is pissed. Her ex, Michael Lohan, also begged to differ.

In Michael's case, though, he thinks Glee just didn't go far enough.

Michael told sources that Dina "deserves a lot worse of a title after all she has done to destroy the relationships with my kids and entire family." How kind.

He calls the people Dina surrounds herself with "the epitome of losers."

You'd think with Lindsay's pending felony charge, they'd focus on ... oh wait, no you wouldn't. All these people do is whine about their pathetic lives instead of taking responsibility or establishing themselves as upstanding citizens through action.

Way to go, losers! Watch the clip after the jump:

We're looking for a higher quality version of the clip, but turn the volume up to hear this tremendous comedic exchange from Sunday's episode ...


Funny clip. Does Dina Lohan not see what the rest of us do and maybe believes she is a good parent and person? Seems like she is livng through Lindsay, acting as if she herself should be seen as a famous actor. She sure is willing to enable her daughter to self destruct as long as Lindsay keeps shelling out money to her and keeps making mommy dearest feel like she is someone importat. The joke was spot on true!!


I liked the joke, it's the truth plain and simple...im not really going to take any of the Lohan's seriously unless they are actually wanting to make a change in their lives


Thats not really her thats Sue wow I LOVE GLEE!!!


Well, not EXACTLY as herself. She was apparently supposed to be portraying Diane Sawyer. I think. I'm not sure. They left it open-ended.

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