Lindsay Lohan to Be Charged With Grand Theft

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Lindsay Lohan's excuse for walking out of a jewelry store with a piece the owner says she ripped off was that the store let her borrow the thing on loan.

The store basically called BS on that, saying they don't just loan stuff out. There are insurance requirements and lots of paperwork required beforehand.

Apparently the L.A. County District Attorney agrees with the owner. Sources say that officials will soon file felony grand theft charges against Lindsay.

Bad Bandit

Lindsay's freedom in the great necklace caper is riding on her claim that the Venice, Calif., jewelery store owner loaned her the $2,500 necklace in question.

Proving that might be a tough task, but proving she's lying may be equally difficult for the accuser and D.A.'s office. Especially if someone else signed for it.

But the simple fact that surveillance video from the store shows LiLo with the necklace and photos of her wearing it a week later were enough for the D.A.

If convicted, Lindsay faces a maximum of three years in state prison.

Can she beat the wrap on this? It will all depend on what happened at the store, or more accurately, how much of what happened the store can prove.

According to a Lohan source, she doesn't fill out diddly when she "borrows" necklaces ... she leaves that to her people, or so pals of the star are saying.

Lindsay is telling friends ... "I don't deal with things like that" and blowing it off as a "misunderstanding." But there's one issue with the "on loan" theory.

When she figured it out, why didn't she just return it to the store instead of sending an underling to the LAPD, just as they were ready to raid her place?

That's what law enforcement likely isn't buying.


Thank you so much for this airctle, it saved me time!


Hey judge ...
Send Lindsay to jail for a year or longer.
She is out of control and her antics are affecting others.
Lindsay's life is getting worse and she does not get it.
Get her out of society for her own good and for the good of others. George Vreeland Hill


Throw her ass in jail for a few years, let her dry out and go after some really BAD killer type people.
People who are harming people----how about starting with theives
working in our government systems that are scamming people, scams right and left in "legitimate" about chasing some of them down and throwing into jail? Don't u know the world is laughing at us?


I don't understand why Lohan got such sticky fingers! Why does she act like trash??? Who wants to hire her now that she has a reputation for stealing as well as for using drugs? I'm mystified!


Yes, because Ryan was there, and as a result he knows the whole story. Why would anyone even bother to write a story about it or take it to trial when the public can just ask Ryan for the whole truth and nothing but? It would save a lot of time and a trial.


This story was not true at all the stylist just did not return it by the deadline and the press is retarded and made a big deal of nothing. But she looks so good you can tell she is not on drugs!


nothing but a piece of asssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


And to think this whole time she was giving Charlie Sheen advice! People need to Freakin' worry about themselves in the U.S.! My lord


very suprised and confused that a chic like Lilo could stup so low.its no trueeeeeeeeeeeee,she is too sweet for that.


i dont know but i really feel that it is super weird that someone would wear a necklace they just stole a week ago, like think about it, would u? she is doing well so far out of rehab hope she can mantain...

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