The Today Show Asks: What is the Internet?

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This is both hilarious and incredible.

The following clip is courtesy of a break during Today Show filming in 1994. In it, hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel disagree on the meaning of the "at" symbol and ask producers a question: What the heck is the Internet?!?

It's astounding to think about, really. As recently as 16 years ago, major network anchors had no clue about the World Wide Web. Fast forward fewer than two decades and even Sarah Palin has this thing mastered. Amazing.


Wow! We have come so far, so fast! This reminds me how pompous Bryant Gumbel always was and I don't think Katie agreed w/ that other girl that you didn't need a phone line for internet. haha.


I don't know if that is good or bad? But either way I LOVE the today show!!!!!!!!

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