Snooki on Vinny Guadagnino Banging: Such Regret

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Snooki is piling up a pretty long list of Jersey Shore regrets.

We've already seen her get so hammered she stumbled around asking "where's the f*%king beach" when the OCEAN was right behind her. That's bad.

The latest do-over she wishes she had is simpler and somewhat less embarrassing. Given a second chance, she wouldn't have let Vinny "get it in."

Vinny and Snooki Pic

Snooki and Vinny Guadagnino in Miami.

"I kind of wish me and Vinny didn't try and have sex, because it was just drama this whole season," she said Thursday on Sirius radio's Morning Mash Up.

The fallout lasted until the current season. "I don't know, it was just very awkward between us. I felt stupid because, you'll see, it's just embarrassing."

Vinny, she guessed, might also wish it had never happened.

"I think he would say that because I got feelings," she said of their No Strings Attached-style arrangement, which didn't pan out quite as they'd hoped.

But all is well that ends well. While Vinny Guadagnino is bringing home other women on the current season of Shore, Snooki has a man to call her own.

"I'm so glad that I met him because he's so down to Earth," she says of her camera-shy boyfriend Jionni LaValle. "I met his family, they're great."

His lack of interest in the spotlight is perfect for Snooki, too: "I don't know if [guys] are here for me, or ... because they want to be on the show."

Very wise. Now if she would just learn how to write a check.


tony i think ur and idiot snooki is soo adorable and her and vinny BELONG together (cant wait till they realize it) so shut the fuck up ur probably a ugly ass hating troll anyway


Alrite,well snooki is really pretty so is jenni and denna and Sammi! I like the show and I live when ronn and dam fight it soo intense and thts what I like about tht show and when, u guys go to the clubs and when u leave mike home Alone and he's eating by hisself! I really like the show and peole in my grade always make fun off me and my trends because I watch it I always like fuck u


snokkie; you are not a ugly looking thing atall! me and my friedns love watching you in the shore! you make the jersey shore worth watching(: you and Vinny look ever so cute together i mean he's always DTS! LOL! "WHERES THE BEACH" fooking love it! :L:L:L:L:L loves youuuu muchkinn! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I agree withAbc, Snooki isn't ugly at all.. She's a cute little thing, really. Cute face, pretty hair(not sure if it's real or not, but whatever, it's pretty anyway). Nothing ugly that I see there.


I think Snook and nivvy wudda been cute together...


I don't think Snooki us ugly. Not one bit. Quite the oppositte. I think she's adorable!


Snooki looks pregnant in the picture. Man, she is one ugly looking troll. Vinnys' the only one i can see myself hanging out with and having a fun time. Actually Pauly D isn't bad either. The Situation always be talking shit behind peoples back and Ronnie wouldnt be fun cause you'd have to deal with Sammie too and lets all admit, shes a fucking spoiled little bitch.... But I have to admit, I love this show! Keep giving them alcohol and inflat their egos more. That spells gold for MTV!! LoL


When you pork so everyone can see it(Kim) or on a show where they don't see it (THANK GOD!!! ie: Snooki), I guess it is embarrassing. But its ALL BULL CRAP because these swines are "embarrassed" yet laughing all the way to the bank!! They aren't embarrassed, they are high 5-ing as soon as the camera stops rolling. Pigs who love to pork. Now there's a concept.


Whats up with kim and snooki feeling "embarrassed" for trying or having sex with someone....

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