Snooki is Not Smart

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In case you missed it, Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley are getting a spinoff series. One that will show just how unintelligent the Jersey Shore stars are.

Snooki and JWoww will confront new challenges on the new show, as we told you yesterday. But we didn't realize the true extent of those challenges.

Snooki's Pregnant!

Writing checks, for example. Snook has never actually done this.

Despite the amount of money she's made in the last year, not to mention surviving 23 years on this planet, Nicole has never once written a check.

In Snooki and JWoww Vs. The World - the actual working title - the terrible tandem will exploit the hell out of their embarrassing ignorance ... natch.

One of the big scenes takes place inside of a Jersey bank, when Snooki's dad tries to teach her how to balance a checkbook. It's an adventure.

The rundown explains, "She gets a crash course in balancing her checkbook ... but adding and subtracting from the ledger proves too much for her."

Somehow that's not terrible hard to imagine. She also the banker, "Do you have any blinged out checks?" Ratings gold, people. Ratings. Gold.

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babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy iluv u


"I h0nestly d0nt knw why these bitches thnk its c0ol 2be dumb." Really? Then why would you type in such a fashion? Because you look real smart when you type like a 12 year old airhead... It's not all that surprising that young adults don't know how to write checks. I never write checks. I pay my bills online, so I don't use my checkbook ledger. The wonders of online banking.


Why should one have written a check by 23? Because that's how you pay bills for things like rent or car payments. Even if you use your debit card for everything you still need to know how to balance your bank account and should be able to figure out a check. If not you probably should not be out on you own,your too stupid.


Remember its TV Land folks. By the age 23 you should have written a check already? Why so?


TO Survivor: I don't think there is a problem with wanting to be different, but typing like your tweeting is kinda annoying that's probably what ABC ment. I actually agree with you but the writing is just hard to read. A-E-Ways who gives a fyling crap if they agree with you or not right?


Snooki is so fucking pathetic she makes me sick to my stomach. shes the worst thing ive ever seen on t.v and hopefully cerosis will kick in on that peice of shit liver of hers.


@Abc....sure do that better 4u? So sorry i dnt type the way u want me to. Does it bother u for ppl 2be different? I like 2stand out dear. I dnt follow the crowd. So sry 2disappoint u. L0lz


What these girls don't seem to get is that their so called fame will fizzle out. Someday they will be 40 and be stuck being forever known as the morons from Jersey Shore. Not a good way to go. I don't think thereis enough money out there to get me too act that way, nevermind act that way on TV! BTW-do these girls really think they are hot? EWWW!


Do you not have the letter o on your keyboard???


I jst w0ndr if she is investing 0r saving ne 0f that m0ney. Fame can 0nly take u s0 far. I h0nestly d0nt knw why these bitches thnk its c0ol 2be dumb. H0w pathetic. I w0nt be watchng this sh0w. Ign0rance isnt entertainment 2me.

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