Sarah Palin's Alaska: NOT Renewed For Season 2!

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Those of you hoping for a second season of Sarah Palin's Alaska need psychiatric help will be disappointed to learn TLC didn't renew the thing. Darn/awesome!

Despite big-time ratings and buzz, tonight's two-hour finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska appears to be the show's last episode, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Hey, more time to "target" politicians like Gabrielle Giffords, right Sarah?

Insiders admit that Palin seemed to enjoy doing the show more than she expected, in spite of some bad press and having to converse with Kate Gosselin.

But a second season could've been interpreted as a sign that she had no plans for a Presidential run in 2012, so decided to bail and keep her options open.

TLC would surely have welcomed her back, but it was not to be.

Somehow we expect she'll be okay and find other arenas in which to bash Michelle Obama over encouraging child nutrition ... the nerve of that woman.

Follow the jump for "highlights" from the first and final season ...

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I have to admit I don't know much about Palin as a politician but I really did enjoy her Alaska tv show. That state is so beautiful and the peoples lives are very different and interesting. I thought that all the places that they visited were gorgeous and I really liked seeing the day to day lives of people who work in the industries specific to Alaska.


To Justeen Mee: The article pretty clearly states that the decision to not go for a second season was Palin's. Maybe you missed it so here ya go: "But a second season could've been interpreted as a sign that she had no plans for a Presidential run in 2012, so decided to bail and keep her options open. TLC would surely have welcomed her back, but it was not to be." So what's the issue? Is it that the article was less than flattering to Palin? If so look at the rhetoric you use to describe those who disagree with your politics. As for your assertion that Lougher's FB page lists him as a "liberal" I think maybe you should offer some sort of proof. Do you have proof that he is in fact a "liberal"? Because from what I've seen of his on-line presence he mainly seems to be some manner of anti-government nutjob obssessed with grammar and the return to the gold standard.


havado: LOL - Funny, I didn't see you post anything remotely close to logical reasoning. You did however, show your inability to undersand what you read. I provided my opinion, and a very simple yet appropriate analogy. If you consider your inability to comprehend my post and respond incorrectly to said post as logical reasoning, I've got ocean-front property in Arizona to sell you ... good luck with your "logical reasoning", sweet cheeks.


I just want to add my voice ... to say that I hope to God that someone talks some sense into Sarah Palin and she goes away. She is a joke! She is not fit to run for any type of public office, specifically, president of our country. She doesn't have the level of intelligence required for such a serious position .... and your ignorance is sooooo embarrasing.


VLf, you proved a long standing theory of mine. In some forums such as this, the crude and vulgar trumps logical reasoning. You win! Sayonara


havado: I stand by my statements. Ms. Palin has provided mountains of evidence that she truly is dumb. Stupid. Uneducated. Shameless. Hateful. And is very, very proud of her ignorance. Good for her - I'm glad she shows the public who she appears to be. Makes it all that much easier to walk the other way to other candidates should she choose to run in 2012. Comprehension isn't your strong suit - I see I must spell it out for you. Sigh ... My statement regarding Nuremberg is meant to say that just because Ms. Palin didn't not pull the trigger - and those just like her I might add - her violent, heated and vitriolic rhetoric is enough to drive the most insane individual over the edge and act upon their insanity. Hence the "just following orders" statement. No where, NO WHERE in my post is there ANY implication of violence, whether directly or indirectly. Projection on your part, perhaps? Perhaps YOU need to look in the mirror.


In response to vlf1964 , so i guess calling someone a dumb motherf***er and blaming for violence in the country the last few years and by inference comparing them to war criminals at nuremberg isnt hate speech at all? If words incite to vioence , I suggest you look within yourself.


The show was a joke, like "Jersey Shore" and the rest of what is classified as "entertainment" on the TV machine. I don't hate Sarah Palin - I don't know her. But, based on her behavior the last two years, and in light of her ignorance towards fighting childhood obesity, which is an epidemic in this country, her factually-challenged statements regarding policy, the Constitution and government, it is fair to say that Sarah Palin is one, dumb motherf**ker. Privately, she may be the best thing since sliced bread; publicly, what she puts out there is bitterness, vindictiveness, ignorance and shallowness. I will point out to those who feel she isn't responsible for the amount of violence perpetrated towards public figures within the last few years - the chief defense during the Nuremberg Trials was that they were "just following orders." Think on that ... Hey, I don't call her the Wasilly Hillbilly for nothin' ...


Sarah Palin is a freaking idiot and doesn't deserve the fame that she so heartily enjoys now. The Katie Couric interviews were absolutely laughable and pathetic. An intelligent person would have found a decent response to ANY number of her questions! I can't believe that anyone, Republican or Democrat, could possibly think that she would be a comparable, or capable for that matter, president at all.
She's not even the first woman to run for Vice-President, so she isn't bringing around some sort of revolutionary concept either. She's just another piece of D-lister trash who won second place in a beauty contest, only this time it sparks relentless political arguments between every member on a damned forum or comment blog, causing them to release paragraph long spouts of fury that no one from the other side will even contemplate before typing back another pathological rebuttal. Sigh...
I really just wish she'd GO AWAY.

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